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Just over a week has passed since we visited Walt Disney World, and I wanted to type up some quick tips and observations before the memory left too quickly.

As mentioned before we didn’t really plan this trip in advance.  Just three days out, we had the trip booked and were on the plane headed to Orlando.  That said, may this information help out a bit if you have the benefit of planning in advance.

1.)  Despite the cost of park tickets, take breaks.  We did park tickets with only one park per day.  We didn’t add the hopper option because for the extra $52 per ticket, it really just added stress.  Knowing you can see just one park a day takes the craziness out of heading here or there.

We got up each morning at the boy’s regular time and took our time getting out and about.  We normally got to the parks between 9:30am and 10:00am and stayed until around 12:30pm or 1:00pm.

That is when we would head back to the room and try to get the boy to take a nap.  I say try.  It didn’t always work, twice we actually put him in the stroller and just walked around the resort.  Once he dozed right off and slept for almost two hours.

We would then either go to the pool for a while, or head to Downtown Disney to eat dinner depending on time.  From dinner we would then go back to the park or back to the pool.

2.)  Four days is plenty.  We the 21 month old, four days was plenty.  By day one daddy was actually beat more than the boy.  Any more days and I think all would have been too tired.

3.)  If not on the meal plan, eat breakfast in the room.  There are normally shops at each resort (or at least at ours) and a Hess gas station across from Downtown Disney.  There we bought bananas, donuts, milk, and fruit bars.  This worked perfect.

4.)  Pack snacks.  I packed things that could easily go in the backpack – animal crackers, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers.  You get the idea.  The fruit snacks turned out to be a gold mine while waiting, riding shuttles with tired little and big boys, and on the plane.  Packing doesn’t take much room and saves a ton of money and hassle in the parks.

5.)  Know that cultures around the world and in our own country are very different.  We encountered certain cultures and nationalities that were naturally a bit louder than we were used to.  Also realized that while where we are from is generally a pretty polite area not all people are accustomed to this.  They like to cut in lines, hold places for whole families, hold up whole Magic Express busses to the airport etc.  Just prepare yourself for stuff like this in advance and it will be a much happier trip.  I just got really annoyed.

6.)  Teenage girls are oblivious.  If someone was normally just standing around daydreaming in a busy walk way or running into people 9 times out of 10 it was a teenage girl.  The husband and I both decided it was an awkward time for young teenage girls.  I’m sure I was the same way, but they honestly seemed purely oblivious.

Okay, so I’m making some generalizations to help you in planning.  I know not everyone falls into some of the categories I’ve outlined above.  That’s all the tips I have time for right this minute.  More will come soon.  I’ll ration them out.

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Months ago, we booked our family vacation to Perdido Key, FL to go to the beach for a week.  We were so looking forward to this trip when the oil spill occurred.  Without accurate forecasts to go from regarding oil on the shore, and rumors of gas smells in the air, we made the decision just four days before we were set to leave, to cancel the trip to the gulf.

Still wanting to have a family getaway, and searching for a place where a kid can be a kid, we decided to head to Walt Disney World.  The trip some families plan a year or months in advance, we decided on just 3 days from departure.

While an exhausting trip (a bit more stressful than the gulf), we had some great family times and the boy really had a great time.  I’ll probably post some tips, and observations here in the near future.  For now, here is a small picture gallery.

This was a trip of a lot of firsts for the little guy including his first airport rides.  He actually did pretty well on them, with only a couple of minor melt downs when he realized he couldn’t get up and run around.

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