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Splashing! (Can you tell he is loving it?)

Our little guy loves water.  I posted a year ago what a “fish” he is, and it is even more so now.  After one trepidatious first January class, he has been crazy jumping in and going under with ease.

He’s still in the Parent Tot class (which means momma or someone else has to get in too).

This week Papaw came to go to swimming class so I graciously offered Papaw the chance to participate in the pool (translation:  mommy doesn’t have to get her hair wet and try to get dried off/changed while also wrestling with wet boy!)

He had a blast, and while his swimming prowess didn’t shine through, his love for swimming sure did!  Enjoy some pics!

Swimming with Papaw

Swimming to his swim teacher "Mr. Jim"

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I'm so excited to be in the pool! I just don't like to have to listen to the teacher.

Just had to share pics of the boy at his first Parent-Tot swim class at SIGS.

He’s pretty happy to be in the water as you can tell, he just didn’t want to have to blow in the water, or kiss the water, as he would rather drink the water.

He’s smiling much larger than the poor little boy in the background.  (the other little boy was smiling by the end too)

It was like restraining a monkey, to keep

"Cmon mom. I need to get in the water. I'm going without you!"

him out of the pool until it was our turn to be in the water for our class (see picture #2).

He’s the youngest of the four who were there today by a couple of months but I think he’ll really take to it.  He liked to kick and splash.

Come this summer my hope is that he’ll be ready for afternoons or late mornings at the pool:)

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