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I can not say enough how gorgeous it was outside yesterday.  While I longed for large snowfalls all winter long, getting a taste of spring was DIVINE!

I’m realizing with each sunny day that comes, how my mood can be directly associated with sunshine.  I felt great all day long.  I always try not to let weather get to me, but let’s face it:  Winter with its overcast skies, and countless hours cooped up indoors (library, science center, house, basement – it’s all indoors) gets to you and especially to an extremely active 2 1/2 year old.

The beautiful weather translates into a happy little guy (and his happy momma) who stayed in his wagon our entire walk around the lake, walked/ran the cul de sac at least 5 times, and played on the playground with such complete glee.

(I’m not going to go into how he decided to bite/hit/pull at the shirt of our very sweet little neighbor guy who is twice his size and 6 years old).

Ahh, I’m entering a Spring State of Mind.

Today looks to be another of the same and we are very excited at our house.

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The boy gazes up at yet another airplane

I guess it’s a good thing we live partially in a flight path for the Louisville International Airport (SDF).

The boy has discovered he can now say “airplane” with ease, and just this morning I heard just that word over 20 times in 20 minutes!

Here is yet another picture of him gazing up at another plane.

We are so glad we’ve had a few beautiful days, and knowing the rain is coming in this afternoon, just had to get out and enjoy it for an hour or so, even delaying nap time just a bit.

Other new outdoor words from the past couple of days include “basketball” (Last night he wouldn’t even eat much dinner for a want to get “outside”- his other new favorite word, and play “basketball” with daddy).  Too bad the forecast calls for rain the next few, and then two weeks of below normal temps again.

We’re ready for spring!

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