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So, I love soup.  Rarely do I make it from scratch, but I really do like it.  This week, I got a hankering for some broccoli cheddar soup.  Like the kind at Panera Bread restaurants.

Instantly, I turned to the Internet to look up just such a recipe and found this link.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup @ CD Kitchen

This recipe was so good, and really not hard to do.  The link lets you change the serving amount and automatically changes the recipe for that serving.  I changed mine down to two servings, and didn’t let the roux simmer for 20 minutes like it said.  I let it simmer like 10 minutes before adding the vegetables.  Also, I didn’t julienne the carrots as I just chopped into small thin bites.  As for the blender, I didn’t do that either since the amount was so small.  I just cooked it and then added two small batches in my Handy Chopper and poured it back into the pan.  Fantastic!  Panera serves theirs in a bread bowl, but I just ate mine with sandwich bread which was fine too.

Great for a rainy day – by the way we’ve had plenty of those lately.

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