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Snow Day 2011!

Yesterday we got the most snow we’ve gotten so far this winter.  As many know I love snow, which is much to my husband’s chagrin.  I even liked it when I had to go to work, however driving in it then wasn’t near as fun.  Now after a few days in, we HAVE to leave the house just to get out.

Our boy also likes the snow, and I love for us to be outside even in the dead of winter.  Here he is ready to go out:

“I want to go outside! And I look so cute in my new Cars scarf. Please can we go outside!”

Once outside, his favorite thing to do this year was eat snow.  I couldn’t get him to stop.  You’d think taking a face plant, while pretending to be a doggie eating snow would make one cold and want to stop eating snow, but not this guy.

This is after the face plant in the snow...See: Still eating snow.

If you’ve got snow on the ground enjoy it!  I always think it would be nice to live someplace warmer, but then I realize we wouldn’t have snow days like this to enjoy!

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An ode to the song “SNOW” from the Movie White Christmas.

I feel like lately all I’ve done is post snow pictures.  I guess that’s because I kind of like the white stuff.  Growing up, and even now we always played in the snow.

My parents encouraged a love for winter sports like ice skating, skiing, and of course building snow men.  I didn’t get my father’s gift for making very large snowmen however.  I tried, but mine only topped a few feet this time.  That said, I guess some of the love for winter sports did rub off, and I am SO ready for the Olympics to begin this Friday night.

We finally got a significant snow fall here and I have loved looking out and seeing it.  I think we ended up with close to seven inches this week on top of a small amount from last weekend.

I encourage you to get out and foster a love for winter with your kids and your family, even if it is only a few minutes in the arctic or on an ice skating rink (I think I was around 3 when we really started going ice skating, just a little bit older when we started skiing).  It will have long lasting effects (not too mention some frostbite) and memories.

My Two Very Handsome Snowmen

An excerpt from “SNOW” by Bing Crosby, from the movie White Christmas

It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow
I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow
Oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow

Where it’s snowing
All winter through
That’s where I want to be
Snowball throwing
That’s what I’ll do
How I’m longing to ski
Through the snow-oh-oh-oh-oh

An excerpt from “SNOW” by Bing Crosby, from the movie White Christmas

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Lately we’ve had a few small snows which have come our way, but the big storms always seem to miss us to the north or to the south.

I love the winter weather, especially now that I’m home full time, but my husband cringes at the thought of snow.

"I love to play in the snow with my daddy"

Nonetheless, the little bit of snow on the ground today enabled the boy and his daddy the opportunity to go out and play in the snow a little bit.  The boy did great, even let us put his gloves on, and cried when we made him come inside to get warm when his gloves got wet and fell off!

The forecast is calling for another snow early next week.  Here’s keeping my fingers crossed!

"I may not be able to see you, but I'm warm!"

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We had a great trip up north this past weekend to see the Purdue Boilermakers play Penn State and to see family which is a combo that is always great!

Papaw and the Boy sledding

We got to spend some time with my mom (MiMi) in the evenings, and for breakfast on Monday, and the boy was watched by Papaw and Juji on Sunday, and we got to do dinner Sunday night with them both along with my brother and stepbrother.

It seems like this time of year, snow never melts up where I am from.  So regardless of the fact it has been several weeks since a major snow, there was still some on the ground which enabled the boy and his Papaw to play in the snow.  Here are some pictures.

The boy has had tons of grandparent time this week as he also got to play with Grammy and Poppy this morning while I went to the orthodontist.  He’s not going to know what to do next week when it is just me again:)

I abandoned my blog some last week, as it is becoming more and more time consuming to keep up with the boy and the house, along with traveling.  I’ll try to do better this week!

Papaw and the Boy

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Snow Day!

The boy plays in the snow with some of the bigger guys on the street.

From Swimming yesterday, to the Snow today!  What fun we’re having (in between tantrums about putting on swimming trunks and snow pants).

We looked out a short time ago to see some of the neighbor kids out, and rushed to put on our snow gear.

As soon as they saw the boy out they came over for a visit and to play basketball.  I shoveled them a small area so they could play, and they played basketball for about 20 minutes in the falling snow.

The boy with his friend in the falling snow.

I thought about shoveling the driveway some more and then quickly decided against it as I got about half way through and the snow was already covering it up again.

It is always so much fun to see the neighbor kids out and about in their snow gear with their sleds.  Our street has a bit of a slant to it and it often becomes a sledding hill with a bit of snow.

I don’t know how much more we’ll get today, but at least we got to go play in the snow!

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Stores are hustling and bustling, even at 9am on a Monday morning.  Shelves are getting emptier at retailers around the area, and some are still trying to figure out what the perfect gift is for a loved one.

It’s the week when we pull out the Christmas traditions that one holds dear, and when we celebrate the birth of our dear savior Jesus Christ.

For me, Christmas week means the movie “White Christmas.”  I’ve already watched it 3 times, but will watch it again, and maybe even more than that.

There’s just something about that movie!  I think it’s the costumes, the dancing and the wish for a white Christmas.  Rosemary Clooney, Vera Ellen, Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby – AMAZING!

When I was little a white Christmas was so exciting.  Now, I just worry, will we make it to visit family, will my husband be able to spend the day with us.

It looks like this year we’ll get rain, which is good for the practical side of my mind, but a white Christmas just is transforming to the holiday.  It makes it feel like CHRISTMAS!

Whether your week of Christmas is white or full of green grass, don’t forget to take time out for your favorite holiday traditions, and make some time for yourself, even if it’s to take a couple of hours to watch an old favorite holiday movie.

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This morning we awoke to our first snowfall. Not too significant but enough to warrant a couple of school delays, and a light dusting on the grass and deck.

"I look like a navy blue marshmallow man, and this stuff is wet and cold - can we go in yet?"

My first thought was, I can’t wait to show the boy the snow. As soon as he was awake and the sun was up enough for him to see I carried him to the back door so he could see it. I don’t know if he quite knew what it was or not, but he seemed interested.  I just felt my heart warm as I thought, I am so blessed to be here with him this morning as he sees the snow as last year he was too young to realize what was going on.

We ate breakfast, then played for a while then I decided, before this stuff melts later today, I have to take him out to feel the snow crunch underneath his feet.  I think it took like 10 minutes for me to get his mittens on – he’s not a big fan.

"Okay, maybe it's not so bad out here, but I wish I didn't have to wear these puffy pants and coat!"

There is nothing like remembering when you were a kid, and making snow angels, and feeling the snow crunch.  Having grown up in Northern Indiana, we had quite a few significant snow and ice storms, and lots of fun!

I can still remember one snow when I wasn’t very old and we lived in Illinois.  My dad’s friend Jim had a backhoe loader and when we had a big snow fall he pushed all of the snow from the street into a HUGE pile on our street corner.  We had a huge snow cave.

We also were known for having “Snowed In Parties” when I was pretty small.  We lived in town, still in Illinois, then (only until I was about 8 years old), but when we would have a major snow, my parents and all of their friends would get together and have a big time.

My brother Derrick and I also had some pretty good snow forts and tunnels in our time.  Once we moved to the country, we moved to an area of the U.S. that is known for its wind.  Snow + Wind = Big Snow Drifts.

Now we live in a suburban area again, in an area with quite a few homes.  The snow drifts aren’t near as big, or the snowfalls as frequent, but I still love to hear snow crunch underneath my feet.

Here’s some ideas for you for today or your next snowfall.  The boy and I will be making our own snowflakes this afternoon.  Maybe you want to host your own “Snowed in street party.”  Maybe you want to make snowball cookies, or maybe you just want to go outside, lay in the snow and make your own adult sized snow angel, even if it’s just on your lunch hour at work (Who cares if people look at you like you’re crazy)!

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