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As soon as we decided I would quit my job, there is something I’ve been wanting which makes my husband think I’m crazy…A sewing machine.

I became the subject of jokes, about never using something so expensive, but my desire continued.

When I quit work the dilemma began.  Do I spend the money on a MacBook, or buy a PC and have money to buy a sewing machine too?  I decided on the MacBook and my sewing machine quest extended.  Until this week that is.

A birthday gift from my husband, parents, and in-laws, I was so excited to order my Singer Futura CE-250.  It will sew, it will embroider.  Now I just need to learn how to do both.

All week I’ve been checking the tracking information to see when it would arrive.  When I saw that it was in transit from a nearby town yesterday, I worried I wouldn’t be home to get it, and left a kind note on my front door to take it to my neighbors.  When I got home, I rushed to the front door to see if the note had been opened.  It had not, so UPS had not yet come.

Oh look - something for me to climb on!

All evening, I eagerly kept an ear out for the front step, and finally around 7pm, it finally arrived.  Today, while the boy was still sleeping, I carefully opened the box with excitement, and realized I am a bit intimidated.  Soon I will plug it in and begin to play…Soon.  I promise.

I think more than anything I need to prove my husband wrong…that I actually will use it.  Afterall, my treadmill, which he also said I would never use, gets used 3 days a week right (that after the first year of never stepping foot on it).

I’ll keep my blog readers posted as I begin to try to use it, and maybe even try some projects in the near future!

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