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Recently I’ve stumbled on a couple of quick tips which I thought I’d pass on to those who read the blog.  Many of you have probably already figured these things out, but just heading into my second year of domestication (staying home full time), I’m still learning.

Tip #1: If you’re using store bought pizza crust, forget pressing it down.  Go ahead and use a rolling pin.  It makes it MUCH easier and it isn’t as messy.

Tip #2: Hamburger and Sausage can sometimes fry up in bigger chunks.  I typically like mine in smaller pieces whether it be used in a casserole, for tacos, for chili, etc.  My brother tipped us off this weekend, that if you fry it, then grind it in an electric Handy Chopper it produces a lot smaller pieces, and works great!

Tip #3: I wanted to jazz up a brownie mix this week, and when I looked online and googled “Jazz Up Brownie Mix” I was shocked and concerned to find all kinds of tips on utilizing a Brownie Mix with a certain green illegal “weed”.  I honestly just wanted to dress up a Brownie Mix.  So I stumbled on this awesome quick frosting method (that doesn’t involve cannabis).  When you take your brownies out of the oven just sprinkle on milk chocolate chips all over the top and let them melt for a few minutes on the hot brownies.  Then use a frosting knife to spread it around.  TaDa!  Easy fast frosting, that you don’t have to wait for the brownies to cool to put on.

Enjoy.  Feel free to share any great tips you’ve discovered recently in the comments section.

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I’m sure many are familiar with the song:
“I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
Down in My Heart (where?)
Down in My Heart (where?)
Down in My Heart.
I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy Joy, Down in My Heart (where?)
Down in My Heart to Stay.”

Our wonderful 2 year old has become a challenge to get to bed, and now that he is in the toddler bed, he also is becoming a challenge to get to stay in bed.

This morning at 5:55 a.m., our little buddy opened his door and came downstairs. Shortly thereafter he announced he was hungry and wanted bacon.

Because the bacon was in the basement deep freeze, and I had sausage in the upstairs thawed, refrigerator, I suggested sausage, to which he yelled with glee “SAUSAGE!”

What he doesn’t yet always understand is that it takes time to cook things. So while I was still in my room, he was already in his high chair. I quickly came in, and got the sausage cooking, while hearing music from an energetic 2 year old in the background…

“I’ve Got SAUSAGE Down in My Heart
Down in My Heart, I’ve Got SAUSAGE Down in My Heart to Stay!”

So yeah, he probably does and didn’t realize the truth to what he was singing:) Sausage probably isn’t good for his heart or mine in all honesty.

Just had to share this moment with all the great blog readers out there!

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