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We just got two year-old pictures of the boy taken a few weeks back.  We got to see them today, and surprising enough she actually got some good pictures (she is very skilled – we on the other hand had a crazy two year-old on our hands).

Vickie Saewert of Vic’s Action Shots has a beautiful setting which reminds me a lot of Turkey Run State Park.  Really pretty.  Here’s the picture she had put up on her facebook page.  Not one of my favorites, but this way you get a sneak peak.

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For the past year, an amazing photographer has been helping us to chronicle the boy’s first year of life.

The latest pictures were taken just a couple of weeks ago, and Tara Young has put them up on her blog. Each time I look at him, I think he gets cuter!

I can’t believe he is over a year old already!

I have to give Tara kudos as he is a very active little boy, and we came away from this shoot thinking there wouldn’t be any useable photographs. What a gifted photographer!

Take a look at the latest pictures here.

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