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A few weeks ago when my washing machine went out, I really didn’t think much about when a load ended, or necessarily rush to go switch the laundry over, or fold what was in the dryer.  Call me crazy, but I stay pretty busy not immediately running to the laundry room.

That all changed the day the new washer and dryer arrived.  Both now play this horribly annoying song (which I need to investigate how to turn off), which reminds me of a happy cell phone jingle.  Only each time it goes off I feel like it says – “Get your lazy self in here and finish the laundry.”  Sometimes I think it is even harsher “Get your butt in here and get to work.”

It’s become a bit of a joke within our house.  My husband who knows my thoughts about the song, hears it and jokingly says, “Don’t you think you need to get in there?”

Of course, I fall prey to its evil tune each time.  And as I finish this blog post about the laundry song, I hear the ringing in the room next to me as I finish typing, get up, and head to finish the laundry.

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