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Splashing! (Can you tell he is loving it?)

Our little guy loves water.  I posted a year ago what a “fish” he is, and it is even more so now.  After one trepidatious first January class, he has been crazy jumping in and going under with ease.

He’s still in the Parent Tot class (which means momma or someone else has to get in too).

This week Papaw came to go to swimming class so I graciously offered Papaw the chance to participate in the pool (translation:  mommy doesn’t have to get her hair wet and try to get dried off/changed while also wrestling with wet boy!)

He had a blast, and while his swimming prowess didn’t shine through, his love for swimming sure did!  Enjoy some pics!

Swimming with Papaw

Swimming to his swim teacher "Mr. Jim"

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Didn't think a bottle of hand soap could cause such a tantrum!

Our son loves to wash his hands.  It probably comes partially from being my son as I’ve been extremely paranoid about all germs this fall.

I pause to note, that as a baby, the boy’s favorite book was about a rainbow fish named Bob, and then he had a favorite stuffed animal that was also a rainbow fish which we named Bob.

A few weeks ago at the grocery store, I was purchasing hand soap and let him pick the one he wanted.  He selected the clear soap with the fish on the bottle.

Which takes us to tonight.  After his bath, he saw a bottle of clear hand soap next to the bathroom sink.  While this wasn’t the one with the fish on it, he went into extreme hysterics when we wouldn’t let him have it to play with.

And he proceeded to throw a fit, until I got him the brand new bottle of hand soap with the fish on the bottle.

For the past 15 minutes, he has sat on the couch with us, mesmerized with the soap with the fish.

Guess we can take back all of his Christmas gifts and get him a year’s supply of the clear hand soap with the fish on the bottle!

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