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With three very picky eaters in our family (including myself – I won’t lie), I’m always looking for something different to fix, and something that won’t take hours to prepare.

This past weekend on our way up to the first Purdue football home game of the season, I was looking through “Parents” magazine, and stumbled on a PORK – the Other White Meat – advertisement for Perfect Pulled Pork.  The recipe was intriguing, as I had all of the ingredients, and the fact that all it took was a crock pot.

I have to share the link for this Perfect Pulled Pork recipe, as my husband raved about it, asked that I fix it again frequently, and agreed to actually eat it left over tonight (leftovers aren’t something that are usually eaten in our home).  He even said there was no need for the barbecue sauce on the side.  I had to pull the bowl away from him so there would actually be some left over…

If you get a chance, it will be the perfect dinner one night soon for your family too!

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So I struggle with what I should say and what I shouldn’t.  Should this blog be full of those helpful tip type things, daily life, poetic ramblings?

Should I tell you that the Crock Pot liners from Reynolds are AMAZING?

Should I note that my husband is extremely difficult to cook for?  (We’re both very picky so this is a challenge on several counts) How I spent time putting together a nice dinner, only for him to decide he doesn’t like white rice now, or green beans?

Should I make life sound beautiful like some mommy bloggers when in reality, I was just on my hands and knees with Lysol Disinfectant wipes cleaning up the 1/2 a bottle of baby gas drops that got spilled  on the tile while I was trying to squirt them in the boy’s mouth?  How do you make that poetic?

I’m still trying to figure out what path this blog will take, but it has been a good day.  Full of sunshine, time outside on a nice fall day, chasing the cat around the house with the boy, playing with tractors on the carpet, super cleaning the kitchen sink (some website said to soak it in bleach water for an hour to make it shine – It does!)

Each entry will probably ramble like I do and contain a little bit of all of the above.  That’s me – rambling.  Probably a tribute to my attention deficit disorder!

Now former Purdue Boilermaker Dustin Keller is on TV playing for the New York Jets, so all in all, not a bad end to the day.

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