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Where some people are blessed to live next door, down the road or in the same town as family, our closest family members are about 25 minutes away with 1/2 of our family closer to 4 hours away.

Just last week I read about the importance of your kids interaction with family, and at almost the same time was introduced to Skype.

Now with just the use webcams my mom, brother, and in-laws can all see the boy any time during the day.

My nephew, who has never been to our house, has now seen our cat. The boy’s Grandmas: Mimi and Grammy can seem him interact at home on days they wouldn’t have been able to.

It’s funny how in high school we used to learn about how everyone would interact through video conferencing. Each time we’re on there it’s like I should be on the Jetson’s (sans the flying cars of course).

It makes the days and weeks without seeing immediate family, not seem quite so long, and with a growing boy, they are all getting the chance to know him a little bit better along the way!

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