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Looking Tough Before the Sock Hop!

One of the benefits of a larger church, is having activities tailored specific to age groups.

Tonight was our church’s Preschool Sock Hop.  Picture inflatable jukeboxes, balloons, ice cream, hula hoops, a dad dressed as Elvis (or was it actually Elvis?), you name it.

The kids had a blast, and were completely adorable.  Not to mention I think they all ran/danced the sillies out.

They were so funny.  Our little guy was quite the poser for the camera tonight so we got some good pictures.  He tried the limbo, but wasn’t quite sure what to think of it.

With his neighbor friend. Doesn't she look totally adorable!!

They all got sunglasses when they came in. In most of the pictures his are on upside down. (See the picture before this one)

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