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Well I guess I should say never say never…

Which leads me to this blog post.  Before I had a child there were several things I said my child would NEVER do if I had a child.  So here I am to eat my words on several.

1.)  My child would never sing Ring around the Rosie.  Based on the rumored origin of this song and its connection the plague, I just didn’t think it a very positive song for a kid to sing.  This is now the first song my child learned to sing.  He loves to sing “Ashes, Ashes” all day long…

2.)  My child would never eat regularly at McDonald’s.  Now we don’t eat out frequently, but our son loves McDonald’s.  I honestly can’t deprive him of chicken McNuggets and french fries.

3.)  I would never give my small child a cookie regularly due to the sugar.  Okay, I may have sounded a bit paranoid, but the boy gets a cookie after lunch or dinner if he eats really well.

4.)  I would never be in a store with a screaming child, who is running around like a maniac.  I now know that mothers and fathers cannot control when a child melts down and your location at the given time, for example in a clothing store, with clothes in arms, ready to check out, when they go crazy.

Don’t worry, there are others, but these are the ones closest to the front of my mind this morning.  I guess the saying is true… “I was a great parent before I had kids.”

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It’s strange.  When I thought about motherhood in the weeks before the boy’s birth almost 18 months ago now, I always pictured this small child, asleep in his crib, or smiling up at me as I came to get him, or feed him.

Chef Boy!

Now, I glance at the video monitor as he cries out in his sleep and I see this humongous toddler searching for his pacifier, and then stretching out so long and lean.

Our boy is very energetic, and each day the Lord is teaching me more patience, something I’ve never had an abundance of when it comes to almost anything.  I’m so blessed he is so active, and yet, find myself pulling my hair out, when he almost hits his head on the corner of the coffee table, almost falls out of the recliner because he is standing up.

Yesterday I was close to screaming if he opened up another cabinet door (which is difficult for him to do, since they are all bungee corded shut – but he has learned how to remove the bungee cords), and if he pulled another chair out from the kitchen table and climbed up on top of the table.

Yes, my days are filled with a different kind of stress.  But just when I think I’m about to pull my hair out (if he doesn’t do it for me in the meantime), he does something completely adorable like says the word “MayDay” clear as day when I get out his Mayday the flying dragonfly book, or wears his chef hat and apron around the house for almost a full hour before deciding he’s done with that, or brings me his Purdue Pete book, where he helps Pete find his hammer.  Or when he actually tries to swim in the bathtub, or blows bubbles in he water for the first time.

So I think the Lord is telling me, “Patience my dear, to get the rewards, there are challenges sometimes.”  While I honestly should know this already, each day is a new illustration of this for me.

We all should realize that to truly appreciate even small rewards, sometimes there are challenges, but the Lord is looking out for us, and never gives us more than we can handle.

UPDATE:  Okay, as I prepared to post this blog entry, the boy has learned how to climb out of his baby bed.  I heard a thump and then a cry, and then I watched him do it again.  Please post me suggestions on what I do now!  Do we switch him to the toddler bed already?  Help!!

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For the past year, an amazing photographer has been helping us to chronicle the boy’s first year of life.

The latest pictures were taken just a couple of weeks ago, and Tara Young has put them up on her blog. Each time I look at him, I think he gets cuter!

I can’t believe he is over a year old already!

I have to give Tara kudos as he is a very active little boy, and we came away from this shoot thinking there wouldn’t be any useable photographs. What a gifted photographer!

Take a look at the latest pictures here.

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