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So as gorgeous as it was when I posted my last blog entry, it was equally as nasty the past couple of days.  Honestly, I’ve felt as if we’d float away, along with our home.

Last time I checked I hadn’t received a message to build an arc, but I’ve been feeling like that may not be too far off.

Concerned with the massive rain quantities, we went outside today to make sure all of the downspouts were pointed in the right directions.  The boy helped me, and then he got to have a splashing fest.  I just loved watching him giggle with glee as he quickly became drenched.

I get so caught up sometimes in the mess I have to clean up, that sometimes I forget to enjoy the moment.  I’m trying to do better with a happy compromise somewhere in the middle.

Our beautiful little guy loving every minute of the wet, splashy rain.

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