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Splashing! (Can you tell he is loving it?)

Our little guy loves water.  I posted a year ago what a “fish” he is, and it is even more so now.  After one trepidatious first January class, he has been crazy jumping in and going under with ease.

He’s still in the Parent Tot class (which means momma or someone else has to get in too).

This week Papaw came to go to swimming class so I graciously offered Papaw the chance to participate in the pool (translation:  mommy doesn’t have to get her hair wet and try to get dried off/changed while also wrestling with wet boy!)

He had a blast, and while his swimming prowess didn’t shine through, his love for swimming sure did!  Enjoy some pics!

Swimming with Papaw

Swimming to his swim teacher "Mr. Jim"

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Most kids really like music.  Our little guy LOVES music.  He enjoys banging on the piano, and around Christmas time a small guitar came to live at our house after he kept using his little kids popper as a guitar.

Today he wanted a chair to sit on in the living room so he could play his guitar.  I caught him singing Jesus Loves Me.  This picture doesn’t show it but he really does know the right way to hold a guitar.

I guess we could call it our home preschool music lesson for the day.  Typically, he hears music on and runs to go get the guitar, and dance with it while yelling “Jumping up and Down!  Jumping up and Down!”


The Guitar Man


About a block up from our house is a home with a teenage boy who plays the drum.  Whenever we’re on a walk and we walk by we can hear his drums all the way out to the corner.

I’m beginning to fear a bit those teenage days when he tells us he wants to be in a band and with Rock School nearby, who knows…

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Recently I’ve stumbled on a couple of quick tips which I thought I’d pass on to those who read the blog.  Many of you have probably already figured these things out, but just heading into my second year of domestication (staying home full time), I’m still learning.

Tip #1: If you’re using store bought pizza crust, forget pressing it down.  Go ahead and use a rolling pin.  It makes it MUCH easier and it isn’t as messy.

Tip #2: Hamburger and Sausage can sometimes fry up in bigger chunks.  I typically like mine in smaller pieces whether it be used in a casserole, for tacos, for chili, etc.  My brother tipped us off this weekend, that if you fry it, then grind it in an electric Handy Chopper it produces a lot smaller pieces, and works great!

Tip #3: I wanted to jazz up a brownie mix this week, and when I looked online and googled “Jazz Up Brownie Mix” I was shocked and concerned to find all kinds of tips on utilizing a Brownie Mix with a certain green illegal “weed”.  I honestly just wanted to dress up a Brownie Mix.  So I stumbled on this awesome quick frosting method (that doesn’t involve cannabis).  When you take your brownies out of the oven just sprinkle on milk chocolate chips all over the top and let them melt for a few minutes on the hot brownies.  Then use a frosting knife to spread it around.  TaDa!  Easy fast frosting, that you don’t have to wait for the brownies to cool to put on.

Enjoy.  Feel free to share any great tips you’ve discovered recently in the comments section.

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Snow Day 2011!

Yesterday we got the most snow we’ve gotten so far this winter.  As many know I love snow, which is much to my husband’s chagrin.  I even liked it when I had to go to work, however driving in it then wasn’t near as fun.  Now after a few days in, we HAVE to leave the house just to get out.

Our boy also likes the snow, and I love for us to be outside even in the dead of winter.  Here he is ready to go out:

“I want to go outside! And I look so cute in my new Cars scarf. Please can we go outside!”

Once outside, his favorite thing to do this year was eat snow.  I couldn’t get him to stop.  You’d think taking a face plant, while pretending to be a doggie eating snow would make one cold and want to stop eating snow, but not this guy.

This is after the face plant in the snow...See: Still eating snow.

If you’ve got snow on the ground enjoy it!  I always think it would be nice to live someplace warmer, but then I realize we wouldn’t have snow days like this to enjoy!

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A while back I realized there were like NO pictures of me and my two brothers.  So when we got together for Christmas this past weekend I made someone take a picture of us!  Here we are.  The three amigos:

Here's hoping the receding hairline isn't contagious...Just kidding boys

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We’re all different people, and during a recent project, that has become even more evident to me, as we’ve had various different people in our home to work on a renovation.

But what has been made clearest to me is that attitude does so much, and how important it is, despite whatever job you do, or whoever your boss is, to do it with joy.

This afternoon I’ve listened to the two gentleman in my basement sing at the top of their lungs to their favorite music.  Each time I see them they have a smile, and are so kind.  Talk about doing what they do with joy!  I never knew electric work could bring such happiness.

Each person who has come through our doors, has brought their own personality, but the ones we’ll remember most are those who have done a good job and done it with joy.

We each have days which may be less than glamorous, or a bit frustrating, but we’re loved by our Lord God, and each thing we do should be done with joy.  What a reminder.  I’m sure the guys that pick up our trash each week probably don’t love what they do, but they always smile, and talk to our little guy if he’s outside.  And it brings me joy not to have a heap of trash by the corner.

Being a mom each day can be messy, frustrating, and a challenge, but when I rock my sweet boy before a nap and read him book after book, I have joy.

To live by joy, is to be given joy.  Enjoy your day and be glad in it!


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