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When we first got married and had our first home, our tree was immaculate.  It looked like it could have been in a magazine.  All pinks and golds and uniform ornaments.  It had the perfect matching tree skirt, and we had great metallic gold stockings to match.

Then our next homes held equally uniform and classy trees, with floral picks set throughout, ribbon cascading down and uniform gold and deep red christmas ornaments hung throughout with beaded ornament hooks.

Fast forward to our tree this year.  Brad and I both noted this year how we like the look of the tree with our more unique ornaments set into motion by our little boy.  We now have Santa on a motorcycle, footballs, teddy bears, a small nativity ornament, and much more.  We now put those Purdue ornaments on our main Christmas tree as well as all of those unique ornaments friends and staff have given us over the years.  Grandparents have already added to the family collection too.

It’s a little more like life for our family in general.  Much more a menagerie of things going on than when it was just the two of us.  And we like it this way (most days…).

We like our more unique tree (and life) and look forward to adding more uniqueness to it each year.  This year the boy’s Christmas ornament is Mickey and Pluto decorating a tree, in honor of his first trip to Walt Disney World this year.  Our next door neighbor said that is one of the first souvenirs they purchase on each trip anywhere – a special ornament, and I must say they always have a beautiful tree.  I like this idea and think it is one we’ll try to institute in our family too.


I think this face just shows the mischief our home has in store for it.



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Fall Days

A few weeks back, when the leaves were changing, and before they all fell off the trees with haste, we took a trip out to the woods at grammy and poppy’s.  We got some good fall pictures.  We’ve taken some each year since the boy was born.  I hope at some point to post the progression.  Right now the boy is telling me to get off the computer…

Fall Family Fun in the Woods at Grammy & Poppys, Late October 2010

Don't know why, I just LOVE this picture!

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We are so proud of our little guy.  Born in July, he’s a tad patriotic, and loves to carry around his American flag that his MeMe sent home with him.

We’ve been learning the Pledge of Allegiance at church recently, and today have been practicing in preparation for tomorrow, Election Day 2010.

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The three of us, Halloween 2010. He was eating candy before we even left our house, and didn't understand he couldn't eat each piece right away when it was placed in his bucket:)

Halloween 2010 has come and gone and I still can’t believe today is November 1st, 2010.

The boy is really catching on to this holiday, and even said “trick or treat” at every house. He loved seeing his neighbor kids in all their costume finery, and even more so I think he enjoyed handing out candy once we were back at our house.

The funniest thing, was probably his wanting to hug the kid that showed up at our house as Santa Claus.  He ended up doing a high five and fist bump instead.

A big thank you to grammy and poppy for handing out candy while we were out with the boy trick or treating.

The boy’s costume was a Purdue football player as you can see.  We were going to wrap his knee as a football player with a torn ACL, but figured only Purdue fans would understand so we left him a healthy football player.

In our neighborhood, Halloween is pretty neat.  Families and friends walk around together and it is really a social event.  We stop and visit so it takes a little while to get very far.  That’s different for myself and for the hubby, as we both grew up in rural areas.  I got to participate in this holiday in small town USA until I was about seven or eight.  After that Halloween wasn’t much since the closest houses were almost a mile away.

The boy, already throwing passes better than Rob Henry and Sean Robinson!

The boy has it differently living in a neighborhood of around 170 homes.  I counted around 100 kids last night which is down a bit from previous years, plus we live on an interior street so we don’t get as many as the main stretch.  A hint to one and all – the Fun Dip was a huge HIT!  I think almost every kid said, “FUN DIP!  MY FAVORITE! or YOU HAVE THE BEST CANDY!”  Much to my happiness for being the best candy house (Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe not – I always lose track, and think some kids may hit us more than once LOL).  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The boy with his good neighbor friend. The cowgirl and the football player. Kind of like the cheerleader and football player - maybe.

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