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In honor of the season I thought we’d share some of our recent festive pumpkin pictures.  Hope your Halloween weekend is a great one.

The boy had several options for costumes thanks to our great friends and neighbors.  One had a dog and tiger costume we could borrow, another had a Nemo costume.  The winner….A Purdue Football player uniform courtesy of our fabulous tailgating friends from Pennsylvania.  Stay tuned for costume pics next week!

Here’s hoping I’m feeling much better prior to trick or treating Sunday night.  The fall crud cold is upon me!

Scooping up the gooshies from his first carved pumpkin - a scaredy cat pumpkin. Some of his beloved neighbor kids helped. (It helped keep me from scooping out too much of the gross stuff!)

Papaw & Juji & Uncle K Took the boy to Millennium Farms near Oxford, IN to find a pumpkin. Here is Papaw and the Boy.

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Loving him some Purdue Pete! He wouldn't even sit on the cheerleader's lap once he saw Pete. Pete was all he wanted!

With a daddy who is a Purdue graduate, and myself, although not a graduate, a major Purdue athletics fan, we thought it prime time to get the boy engrained in some Purdue University culture.

Every Friday night before the home football games the team does a “Bridgewalk” where they walk the pedestrian bridge from West Lafayette to Lafayette and greet the fans.  Purdue Pete and the cheerleaders also join in to the culture.

The boy had the chance to high five the players, and see Pete which was the highlight of his trip.

Then his daddy and I went to the game on Saturday while he stayed with his PaPaw.  Papaw and Juji took him to a pumpkin patch and he had a GREAT time and even came home with a big pumpkin and a boy sized pumpkin.

On Sunday, we left him with MeMe for not one, not two, but three days, while we just got a way a little bit and enjoyed Lafayette and Christmas shopped.

When I was working, leaving the boy was common place, but now that I’m with him every day, leaving him made me teary eyed and my mind filled with all kinds of “what ifs.”  I think my mom got tired of my warning her of different things that could go wrong – like she had never reared kids before…

In any event it was nice to get away.  We ate at Triple XXX, Bruno’s Pizza, and Scotty’s Brewhouse.  All West Lafayette favorites of ours.  We walked campus, sat by the Fountain, went to the church we met at, and just spent time together.

The boy got along great and got to play with his cousin that he doesn’t see too often.  For us it was great to have a bit of a break and time for “us.”  Definitely something we need to do more often.

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This post could also be called the cat diaries.  For those of you who aren’t cat people, you probably just don’t understand.

The first 8 years of my life were spent in a small town in Illinois, not too far from Champaign-Urbana.  In that town, in our white house with the black shudders, I had my first cat “Boots.”  From that early start, I developed a sweet spot in my heart for those sweet animals.  My neighbor even now jokes, that if anything ever happened to our spouses and we were widowed that we would be called the “Crazy cat ladies.”

When I was four after another tragic cat incident I got my cat Lindy Sue.  Lindy went on to live a good 19 years, moving to rural Indiana with us when I was 8.


Sophia Loren, age 11

There in rural Indiana farm country, beyond Lindy we always had barn cats all over the place.  I think at one point we had like twenty that we fed out in the barn.  Unfortunately with coyotes, etc. in the country that number always fluctuated.


Shortly before Lindy’s demise, my husband and I adopted the most beautiful cat off of a local news show I was working with at the time.  Sophia Loren has always fit her name with sophistication and mystery.

Now, at 11 years of age, she puts up with a lot, but I actually got to witness her letting the boy pet her for a short time this morning before she decided to hiss at him and scare him quite drastically.


Trixie, unknown age. Our latest stray cat visitor. (I don't know that we can now call her a stray since we feed her and she has a name...)


The boy has discovered my love for these sweet animals, and is loving having our latest strays which have come into our lives.  Just last week I shared pictures of Bob or is it Jake? in the blog post of the same name.  Since Bobby Jake’s discovery we now have added Trixie.  The boy loves Trixie, but we would love to find her a loving home.  She is excellent with him and has withstood being picked up upside down, her feet and tail pulled, and a harder than necessary pet from a two-year old now and then.

One reason I share this blog post is that I would love to find her an indoor home prior to winter.  I know cats have lived outside for years, but it breaks my heart to think of her staying in the snow and cold.  Even just as the weather has changed these past few weeks I hate to see her cold or wet with a rain drizzle.

I would take her in myself, however our other cat Sophia just couldn’t handle it emotionally.  Trust me on this one.

If you are interested in Trixie, please drop me a comment and I can make arrangements.  She is a wonderful cat, and while the boy loves her, we want the best for her!

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"Look! There's Bob & Larry!"

The boy watches a limited amount of television, and when he does watch, it is typically “Little Ensteins” or a Veggie Tales video.

Thus, lately he has been on quite the Veggie Tales kick.  When we go for long car rides, that is the first thing he wants to watch, and he’ll frequently tell us that he is “Larry the Cucumber” which is pretty funny.

When we heard the Veggie Tales “Sing Yourself Silly Tour” was coming to a large church in town, we just had to look into getting tickets.

The tour was tonight, and let’s just say he had a GREAT time.  And even though it was close to the end, he was excited to hear the “Belly Button” song.

I love this next picture that shows him grinning from ear to ear with excitement, next to the picture of “Bob the Tomato.”

He danced the night away standing on top of his daddy’s lap.  He was so excited that his daddy was taking him too, telling the kids in his church class “my daddy is taking me to Veggie Tales”!  It just shows the importance of daddy activity along with his every day mommy activity.

"I'm so excited to see Bob!"

Getting ready for the show to start with his daddy.

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So this afternoon I took just a second to type a comment on a blog.  Not something I should have done.  This is what I found when I turned back around.

Yes. That is an entire brand new bag of cat food on the floor. Next to the pick up truck which had cat food in the back.

I had went to the store this morning to buy some more affordable cat food for our visiting stray cats.  (In case you haven’t heard, Bob or is it Jake is back as well as our new addition Trixie – another stray who found we had food on our deck)

We’ve been trying to make sure Trixie has food out there as she is fairly skinny.  Thus the new cat food (I hated to pay $20-30 per bag of Sophie’s food).

So next time I think of giving myself just a minute to do something other than chase a two-year old, and decide to turn my back, I’m smarter now.   I will not make that turn:)

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The Three Of Us

Fall is here, and so is Harvest Homecoming 2010.  We love getting out and about with crisp fall weather and seeing what our community has to offer.  This afternoon we had the opportunity to be at Indiana University Southeast for a fall festival as part of Harvest Homecoming.  We went with hopes of seeing hot air balloons lift off for a race, but with windy weather they were unable to put them up.  In lieu of that, the boy got to play some corny carnival games which he loved and spend the afternoon with hundreds of other local families all enjoying the afternoon.

What is this stuff on my nose?

One of the highlights was the face painting booth.  This is the first time he has had his face painted and we weren’t quite sure how he would react.  He actually liked it and kept wanting to touch it.  Once he realized he was a tiger he would roar on command which was pretty funny.

He also loved the chance to drive an antique fire truck.  Our town has a fire truck museum which is pretty popular, and yet I can honestly say I have yet to see.

Driving the historic fire truck

I hope you have the chance this fall to enjoy your community too, and see what your town has to offer.  Every place we live has great treasures, one just has to find them.

There’s just something about fall with falling leaves, crisp temperatures and a sunny afternoon looking deceptively warm.  Enjoy the start of your fall!

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No, this isn’t my saying, but that of a very funny two-year old.

We took the boy out for ice cream tonight at the local establishment – Zesto’s Chillers, and as soon as he got his ice cream he took one bite – and said, “Chocolate Makes Me Happy.”

His daddy and I burst out laughing.  I mean, come on, you expect to hear this phrase from a stressed out thirty year old, but c’mon – a stress free two year old?

The funny thing is he didn’t just say it once.  It was several times, and each time – clear as a bell:  “Chocolate Makes Me Happy!”

I think he has inherited this love from his grammy and his mommy and daddy!  He gets it honest.  I think chocolate makes all of us happy.

The boy’s daddy said this was certainly a blog worthy phrase.  I’m thinking it is pure T-shirt material. Cafe Press here we come!

I didn’t have a camera with me or you’d be looking at the most adorable chocolate covered face right now:)

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