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Bob (or is it Jake?)

The boy and Bob

I am very much a cat lover, as is my next door neighbor.

Just yesterday, we were at the clubhouse in our  neighborhood when this very friendly cat showed up.  The boy instantly fell in love, and when I asked the boy what the cat’s name was he replied, “His name is Bob!”

We didn’t see the cat again as we walked home, but later in the afternoon, when we went for a small walk on our street, who did we see wandering aimlessly, across the creek from the clubhouse but “Bob.”

The boy was thrilled and although he was two doors down from our home, Bob followed us home which made the boy even more excited.

Despite the boy’s excitement my worry grew, and that of my neighbor, at the thought this lovable kitty without front claws might have to spend another night outside.

Thus, the boy and I made signs on the computer, printed them out, and proceeded to hang them all over the neighborhood this afternoon announcing this lovable FOUND CAT.

The good news is – We found his home!  He had wondered several streets away from his home and had been missing for three days.  His family, who have only lived in our neighborhood for a year, was VERY happy to pick up their “Jake.”

The bad news is – when the boy wakes up from his nap to go outside and find “Bob” he’s going to be a tad disappointed and sad that he’s no longer underneath our shrubbery. My reminding him of his very own cat – Sophia, just doesn’t cut it I’m afraid, as Sophia doesn’t let her love on him much.

From my own husband’s mouth this afternoon came the words, “Maybe another sweet cat will wonder our way another day soon.”

The boy trying to hand feed "Bob"

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We just got two year-old pictures of the boy taken a few weeks back.  We got to see them today, and surprising enough she actually got some good pictures (she is very skilled – we on the other hand had a crazy two year-old on our hands).

Vickie Saewert of Vic’s Action Shots has a beautiful setting which reminds me a lot of Turkey Run State Park.  Really pretty.  Here’s the picture she had put up on her facebook page.  Not one of my favorites, but this way you get a sneak peak.

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We stumbled on this video a few weeks back, and I think we’ve watched it like 30 times now.  It’s pretty catchy.  Thought I’d share in case someone else’s little ones like it just as much.

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Striking a pose with his silly bands

Today when we got back from library toddler time, I took this picture.  He had insisted on wearing a “horse” shirt (in other words a Polo shirt), and his newest accessories – his silly bands that represent the movie CARS.

It amazed me just how grown up he looks.  And it amazes me how fast he is growing up and learning things.  Some good, some bad of course.

We were at the Christian bookstore just a few weeks ago when he pointed to some items on a rack and said, “Look mom!  Silly bands!”  (We didn’t buy any that day)  A few weekends later we were visiting with his cousins, and his oldest cousin’s silly bands kept him occupied for a good twenty minutes.  He LOVED them, but once again, went home silly bandless:)  When he visited our good friend and neighbor this week she gave him a couple, and well, the rest is history.

When we went to the store one evening this week he found the pack of CARS silly bands, and mommy and daddy gave in to this ridiculous? odd? crazy? simple? trend.  How do kids learn about this stuff so fast?

I haven’t written much about life the past couple of weeks because, well, because life with this two-year old has been a challenge.  I think I can officially declare that the war is not over, it is just beginning and the terrible twos are here!

This search for independence, and at the same time testing boundaries, and my patience has become a constant struggle at our house.  Each day it makes me wonder am I really cut out for this “mom stuff”?  I guess it’s too late – he’s already two!

But then I snuggle him as he gets sleepy and I realize once again he is my sweet baby boy.  Not the crazy little boy who hit my friend’s child repeatedly until they finally got fed up and went home.  (Okay, maybe it was just time for them to go home).

It’s like the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.  I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten through the book without crying – sappy I know.  The second section of the book goes like this:

The baby grew. He grew and he grew and he grew. He grew until he was two years old, and he ran all around the house. He pulled all the books off the shelves. He pulled all the food out of the refrigerator and he took his mother’s watch and flushed it down the toilet. Sometimes his mother would say, “this kid is driving me CRAZY!”

But at night-time, when that two-year-old was quiet, she opened the door to his room, crawled across the floor, looked up over the side of his bed; and if he was really asleep she picked him up and rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. While she rocked him she sang:

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.

I think this week our very own two-year old really has pulled food out of the refrigerator, ran all around the house, but as far as I know he hasn’t flushed my watch down the toilet – although I couldn’t find our main remote control for a few days.

At the same time.  I’ve been able to rock him to sleep – twice.  What a crazy road.  It’s like a roller coaster was installed inside our house.

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With three very picky eaters in our family (including myself – I won’t lie), I’m always looking for something different to fix, and something that won’t take hours to prepare.

This past weekend on our way up to the first Purdue football home game of the season, I was looking through “Parents” magazine, and stumbled on a PORK – the Other White Meat – advertisement for Perfect Pulled Pork.  The recipe was intriguing, as I had all of the ingredients, and the fact that all it took was a crock pot.

I have to share the link for this Perfect Pulled Pork recipe, as my husband raved about it, asked that I fix it again frequently, and agreed to actually eat it left over tonight (leftovers aren’t something that are usually eaten in our home).  He even said there was no need for the barbecue sauce on the side.  I had to pull the bowl away from him so there would actually be some left over…

If you get a chance, it will be the perfect dinner one night soon for your family too!

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Several very early mornings ago, around 3 a.m. our little guy was waking up again, and I was trying to get him to stay in bed.  The musical group Enya was playing quietly on his cd player, and I could hear the soothing music as I talked to him quietly.

The music took me back over 15 years ago, when I had a migraine headache in college, and could hear Enya playing quietly in my dorm room as I lay with the lights off, trying to make it through another major headache.*

This early morning though, it struck me how different music plays in the background of our experiences.  I began to think of other songs that stick out in my mind with different memories.  Some goofy, some sappy, but bear with me.

Background music is there all of the time, it strikes me as which ones stand out and which ones really don’t.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to think about some of your background music.  Just some of it – otherwise we could be here all day.  What songs are the most significant or stand out the most in your background music?

Here’s some of mine:

1.)  “All I Wanna Do” by Sheryl Crowe.  This song takes me instantly to my 1989 Nissan Pulsar, cruising the streets of West Lafayette/Lafayette with my good friends Stacey & Erin.  I can still hear it playing as we park the car at the Tippecanoe Mall, and head inside for another adventure.

2.)  All Enya music.  All Enya music takes me back to those migraine headaches.  I had a lot of them back then.

3.)  “Stay” by Lisa Loeb.  This was my very favorite song in 1994, and still today.  Don’t know why, but I just love Lisa Loeb, and this song was really the launching point of her career.  It takes me to long car rides in that same Nissan Pulsar, to the hills of Tennessee and back again.

4.)  “Boardwalk” by the Drifters.  In high school I drove an old Renault Encore before the Nissan Pulsar.  The thing wouldn’t run over 50 miles an hour if it rained, and it had a cassette player – I’m beginning to show my age.  I had this tape of oldies music and this song was on there.  In my memory that’s the only song that was ever on it, although I’m sure that wasn’t true.   I can see myself driving through Oxford, IN headed towards my high school with this song on.

5.)  “When You Say Nothing at All” originally performed by Keith Whitley – but my only background music can hear the Lorrie Morgan version.  Here’s the sappy one – lots of evenings hanging out with my husband.  “I Swear” was another I can always hear when I think of dating my husband.

I won’t get into more right here right now – although there is tons of background music on my “best of” collection:)

*As for those migraines – I hardly have them now.  My dr. read about a treatment in a medical journal and decided to try it.  I take a heart medication – Altace, and CoEnzyme Q10 every night.  I exercise a ton, and drink very limited caffeine.  I’m not sure which of these did the trick, but I’m afraid to quit any of them for fear those headaches might come back.  If you suffer from migraines, I suggest you try these efforts!

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A cool pool all to ourselves!

I think yesterday (labor day) was the first day I’ve worn socks during the day at any point for months with the exception of exercising.

It felt really weird wearing tennis shoes and socks during the day.  I thought to myself – the seasons…they are changing.

I still seem to adhere to the summer rule of not wearing white shoes or pants after labor day, so here comes the fall.  Closed toe season is just around the corner.  To my sandals, I will miss you.

Back when I worked for Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare in Louisville, one of the rules was closed toe shoes only.  So when I went to work for the advertising agency, that was one of my questions – Can I wear open toe shoes?  Was that why I went to work in advertising?  The joys of sandals, strappy, cute, or just comfortable and casual.

The boy and I made our last trip to the neighborhood pool on Friday.  Knowing it would be closing on labor day, we headed down despite a cool breeze, and spent a good afternoon there.  I think the pool has been his very favorite thing this summer.

The joys of summer have been plenty this summer, and for those of you who read regularly you’ve been able to share right along with us.  The pool, the zoo, the library, the science center, lots of time with friends, and with family.  Walking around our cul de sac when it is 100 degrees and the boy takes off on one of his ride on toys, sweating profusely each moment we’ve stepped outside (have I mentioned that this has been a REALLY hot summer?)  The boy loves being outside and so do I, so this has been a bit of a challenging summer with so many crazy hot days.

We’ve done crafts inside, and I’m sure we’ll continue those as fall turns the corner.  We’ve gotten creative, crawled through tunnels, made tents, and done the kinds of things a 2 year old likes to do.

As much as I love summer, I also love fall.  The leaves changing, signifying how life changes so much each day.  I already can’t believe our little guy is over 25 months old.  I still can’t believe I’m home with him each day.

Now it is college football season – hooray, and a cool breeze is sweeping in.  Oh how we love to follow our Purdue Boilermakers on good days and on bad ones (like Saturday vs. Notre Dame.)  I think the description of one of my favorite fall days goes like this: walking through campus with leaves crunching under foot, a cool breeze in the air, heading to the stadium with thousands of other fans, but with my favorite fan and best friend – my husband, right next to me.  (Thank you to our family members who help with the boy during football season!)

Sidenote:  Sorry for the rambling thoughts today – not much synchronicity with this post, but lots of thoughts going through my head, and still wanted to share.  Makes me think of an improv group…

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