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In honor of so many college students being back in school for their second week now, I thought it would be a great time for this post!  That and the fact my college roommate and I reunited today for the first time in two years.  Keep in mind we’ve changed a bit, but I think many will enjoy the pictures.  I know I did.

Ahhh college.  Milligan College to be exact.  The good the bad and the ugly.  I was blessed to have some great roommates and some that let’s just say could have come from a horror flick.  That said – one that was great still lives in the state of Indiana, and I’m able to say is still a friend.  She’s a great mom, wife, blogger and an aspiring author.

College Roommates 1995-1996

She and I both came from the same general vicinity, and had some people we both knew.  We had an awesome dorm room.  Or so we thought.  We had some fun adventures on our 11 hour car rides – not to mention getting stranded in Renfro Valley, KY during a HUGE snowstorm.

To have some great comparison, these are pictures from circa 1995-1996 and one from today (we snagged a gentleman who was on his way back from the Ironman Louisville yesterday).

Here we are again...not sure why we were matching...

Here we are today - circa 2010

Here's she is in our awesome dorm room. If you need any great decorating tips for your dorm room e-mail us today!

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I try to pride myself on keeping up on some trends, and not being totally mommified most days.  Some would say I have a style all my very own.  Other days, I’m sure I look frumpy, and probably very much like a mom.

My son is now developing his own style.  Yesterday he got a cowboy hat at grammy’s church’s Vacation Bible School.  Now he won’t take it off.  He also LOVES LOVES LOVES his froggy boots.

So when he wandered outside yesterday evening I just had to snap a picture.


The boy and his "look." I don't know that he'll be hitting New York Fashion Week in this ensemble.

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Friends on the Belle of Louisville

Our wonderful friends had passes for us to join them on the Belle of Louisville with them today, and it was a gorgeous day!

With wonderful weather, good time to chat, and two great youngsters who adore one another it was the perfect afternoon.

While the zoo, the science center, and the library are great places to take the kids, and to meet up with friends of mine too, the Belle was the perfect place to catch up with my good friend and her daughter (the boy’s self-acclaimed girlfriend).

You are captive for a couple of hours, and on a daytime cruise it isn’t very busy at all – even today that was two days before the Ironman Louisville (go triathletes!!).

We packed lunch and the kids had a great place to eat, walk around, and take in the sights.  My friend and I had a chance to catch up on life, and how fast the summer had gone.

Today the sun was shining, conversation was good, and the kids were even better.  What a God-blessed day.  I know every day is one, but when the weather is this nice, and not a day with temperatures of 100 degrees like it has been the rest of this summer it’s easier to remember:)

Enjoy some of our pics from the day, and if you get a chance, catch a ride on the Belle of Louisville.  It’s a great way to see our beautiful Ohio River, enjoy a nice breeze, and great views of the Louisville area.

My good friend and her daughter who loves to say "CHEESE"!

The boy loves her and kept trying to hug her. She wasn't as willing to hug.

The two had to be right with one another the whole cruise - even when one of them was on my lap. What a fun afternoon!!

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So our little guy has been under the weather with asthmatic bronchitis and his very first ear ache.  After a few days of worsening cough even on croup medication, I took him back to the doctor again yesterday (if in doubt, return…).

On our way in I noticed a dead bird on the sidewalk as we walked towards the front entrance.  On our way out to head back home, I decided to point it out to the boy.  (It wasn’t gruesome or anything, just a complete bird lying on the sidewalk).  Upon my saying “Look Lachlan, a dead bird…”

His reply…”That’s not good.”

I just had to smile and of course share this two year old phrase of the day with my blog readers.

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A few weeks back, my grandparents – the boy’s great grandparents – finally got to meet the boy.  I admit, it had been way too long since we had been to visit as I was pregnant the last time  we were there.

I honestly cannot even make excuses with the exception of the one where the 8 to 9 hour drive each way was extremely daunting, and in the end was a pretty exhausting route to make by myself with the boy in tow.

I wanted to share pictures with everyone though, as family is SO important.  The boy ended up with TONS of love from his great grandparents, his papaw, Juji and uncle, and great aunts and uncles and some cousins thrown in for good measure.  A small case of croupe might have also been the gift of the trip, but a wonderful time was had from all and probably worth getting to see my cousin and her kids!

Visiting the park with great grandma and great grandpa.

Reading books with Papaw in matching white t-shirts.

Smiling for the camera - uncle and papaw were doing silly faces behind the camera.

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I’m sure many are familiar with the song:
“I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
Down in My Heart (where?)
Down in My Heart (where?)
Down in My Heart.
I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy Joy, Down in My Heart (where?)
Down in My Heart to Stay.”

Our wonderful 2 year old has become a challenge to get to bed, and now that he is in the toddler bed, he also is becoming a challenge to get to stay in bed.

This morning at 5:55 a.m., our little buddy opened his door and came downstairs. Shortly thereafter he announced he was hungry and wanted bacon.

Because the bacon was in the basement deep freeze, and I had sausage in the upstairs thawed, refrigerator, I suggested sausage, to which he yelled with glee “SAUSAGE!”

What he doesn’t yet always understand is that it takes time to cook things. So while I was still in my room, he was already in his high chair. I quickly came in, and got the sausage cooking, while hearing music from an energetic 2 year old in the background…

“I’ve Got SAUSAGE Down in My Heart
Down in My Heart, I’ve Got SAUSAGE Down in My Heart to Stay!”

So yeah, he probably does and didn’t realize the truth to what he was singing:) Sausage probably isn’t good for his heart or mine in all honesty.

Just had to share this moment with all the great blog readers out there!

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One year ago today was my last day at the ad agency, as I quit my job to stay home with our son.  Wow, what a ride it has been!

We’ve had our ups and our downs, but we still believe this has been one of the best decisions for our family.

Mommy and the Boy, August 2010

I get to see the boy when he wakes up, and wants to play tractors.  I get to wrestle him up the stairs to change his diaper as he straightens his legs and arches his back and doesn’t want to go.

We’ve had many adventures from going to the library, the zoo and the science center, to climbing down to play in our basement, hiding in the tent in the corner of his room, and climbing through his tunnels.

We read, read, and read some more.

A year ago, he was still my little baby, and while he’ll always be my baby, he is a big boy.  He runs, he jumps, he can take off and hide in a flash.  He can talk about pretty much anything, and astonishes us with the words he can say.

He is the light of our life, and such a blessing to be with (even on the days like this Tuesday when I was determined to find him a place in a daycare and find another job).  But really, he’s a good boy, and I love being his mommy 24-7.  I just have to remind myself of that on those rough days which are more frequent now that he has turned two.

I told my husband this week on one of those rough days that when I worked, I could see an end product, and know that I had been successful and productive, and that given day didn’t feel like anything I did with him worked.  Being home, sometimes that productivity is harder to see, and the end product can take days, months or years to see the fruits of, but I am confident this end product will be one of our best projects ever!

I’m not traveling from place to place, or working on AEP or OEP marketing for a healthcare company, but I’m traveling from adventure to adventure with our little guy, even if that adventure is just cooking dinner, and marketing it so that daddy will eat it.

Thank you to everyone who over the past year has lent a listening ear, offered support and encouragement, and just been there for me.  And to my wonderful husband who puts up with me after long days with the boy, reassures me that I’m doing a good job and lets me just get out of the house on some evenings…Thank you.

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