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My basketball boys!

I think our bodies are becoming used to the crazy high temperatures this summer, and we’re actually playing outside some.

The past several evenings the boys have been out playing basketball along with our neighbors.

As you can see, the boy LOVES being out with his daddy, and I love that his daddy plays such an active role in our little boy’s life!

My husband works so hard so that I can be home with the boy each day. We’re so blessed, and I’m blessed to get to share each of these moments with them!

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Before we had the boy, everyone told us…”Remember these moments because time will fly.”  I truly don’t believe that you can’t actually realize this until it happens. Time is flying.

This past weekend the boy turned 2.  I still can’t believe it.  He is talking like crazy and will repeat anything you say, which can sometimes be funny, sometimes embarrassing, for example when he told the little boy next to him at storytime last week that the little boy had “stinky shoes.”

He can fly down the hill in front of our house on his 3 wheeled pedal thing (I’m not really sure what it is.)  He doesn’t pedal but he can make it actually look airborne he goes so fast.

In honor of this milestone, I thought I would share a few pictures looking back.  Each day makes us realize what a light he is in our lives.  He is entering a really fun time, despite the challenges he might pose to us from his strong personality.

The boy, his mommy, and his daddy at the 2nd birthday party, July 2010

The boy, his mommy, and his daddy at his 1st birthday party, July 2009

The boy and his mommy just a few days after he was born, still at the Children's hospital.

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Our boy had his first trip to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari yesterday.  Weeks ago, grammy and poppy offered to take the whole gang for a fun day at the amusement park and we all happily settled on a day during the week that we could all go.  Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and grammy and poppy, plus the three of us all headed to Santa Claus, Indiana early yesterday arriving despite some sprinkling rain at opening.

We quickly proceeded to the rides towards the back of the park as is recommended at opening, and the fun began.  Here are a few fun pictures and a helpful tip at the end of the blog.  Let’s just say the boy had a blast!!

The kids and the canoes. I think this may have been the boy's favorite!

Mom and son waiting in line for the octopus-type ride. This is the one I had to be let off of not that many years ago.

Aunt and girls waiting to ride the Eagles. The boy was screaming with grammy "But I want to ride the peacocks!!"

Trying to get three kids and an adult to pose with Holidog is like trying to tie down a monkey!

Our biggest tip to all who visit is to always make sure at least one person in your group has a cell phone.  Even if you’re riding water rides, find a way to keep at least one waterproof.

My husband, myself, niece and brother-in-law and sister-in-law got separated from grammy & poppy, the boy and one of the girls while we were riding water rides.  2 and a half hours later in 90 degree temperatures, lost parent locations and miles of searching later, we were reunited and all very ready to leave.  This one small tip will ensure hours of headaches.  This is even more important than that central meeting place everyone refers to.  That meeting place didn’t work, so the cell phone option would be good to have.  See, all 4 of our cell phones were with grammy & poppy and when they called to tell us they had moved locations, well – we never had a way of knowing.

Hope this can help someone else out.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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So, this week is Vacation Bible School at our church and I’m helping with registration.  The boy is loving his class thus far, and loves seeing kids every evening!

VBS week makes dinner a bit crazier though, with needing to leave the house by 5:20 or so, and trying to give the boy a bath before we go!

I don’t know where I found this idea, but I know I read it in a magazine or online.  I wish I could give credit where credit is due.

Last night, I made Grilled Cheese Lollipops thinking the boy would love them.  All they are are Grilled Ham & Cheese sandwiches cut into small circles, and stuck on a small pretzel stick.  My crazy eater however, decided all he wanted was the pretzel sticks, so I was left with a bowl of grilled ham and cheese sandwich circles.  I still think it’s a fun idea, and wonder if it might work with peanut butter too.  Despite the lack of his eating these, I think I’ll try them again sometime soon.  They were easy and cute.  Here’s how mine turned out:

Grilled Cheese Lollipops

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This past Friday, the boy and I were excited to meet up with our friends at a cute brunch spot, and then head on the Belle of Louisville Steamboat for an afternoon cruise.

Upon arrival for brunch, the rain was pouring and our afternoon on the steamboat quickly turned into an afternoon of craziness at the Louisville Science Center.

The science center has a great new Sesame Street Body exhibit and the boy and his friend loved it.  My friend Shanna and I wore down as we chased an 18 month old and a two year old throughout the museum.

It was fun to see friends, and after a VERY hot start to the summer where we stayed inside quite a bit, we’ve been heading to the pool, and trying to get together with more people and neighbors.

The boy is getting SO funny, and each day brings funnier things that come out of his mouth.  Just this Friday, he was running down the list of things he likes…The funniest….John Belski, the local WAVE3 weather guy.  I’ve got to get that one on tape!  The most likely…McDonald’s.  Go figure.  This out of my child, after I said I would never let my child eat at McDonald’s.  The joke’s on me.  Hey, at least he likes weather!

On the steps of Sesame Street at the Louisville Science Center (July 2010)

The boy, Shanna, and the girl, making sandwiches in Mr. Hooper's store.

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Looking like a farm boy on July 4, 2010.

The boy’s fourth of July was filled with farm animals, farm vehicles and family!

The weekend started with a short visit with some of his daddy’s cousin’s and their daughter and the boy’s two cousins and aunt and uncle, not to mention grammy and poppy.  He didn’t really want to climb into the car for an almost 4 hour drive, but we did nonetheless.

From there, we headed up to West Central Indiana to see my mom, my dad, and head to a huge fourth of July party at my aunt and uncle’s house.

He got to play with his uncle Kerrick’s toys and eat a great dinner at his Papaw and Jujies house.  Each place he went, he also exhibited his skills at counting and saying the alphabet.  That was the first night we missed his bedtime.

His MeMe let him get away with almost anything and ever since we’ve gotten home he has asked if he could go back to MeMe’s house.  MeMe took him for a ride on her lawn tractor, and her old Ford full size tractor.

We got to see my some of my cousins and their kids at my aunt and uncle’s fourth of July bash.  My cousin’s daughter Hannah took the boy under her wing, and he was attached at the hip to her the whole day.  Thank you Hannah!!

The boy got to sit on tractors, ride on tractors, and take an amazing hayride.  The sunset was awesome as about 60 people set out on two hay wagons, pulled by an old Farmall H tractor driven by my uncle.  Not everyone went along, so in all by the time my cousin’s husband Bruce let off an amazing string of fireworks over the cow pasture, there were probably around 80 – 90 people around at least.  The boy got to bed shortly after 11pm, and is now a fireworks fanatic.

I think one of the highlights for him were seeing the windmills.  The real old fashioned kind, not all of the wind turbines that now cover the countryside up there.  His favorite word of the weekend was WINDMILL!

We got some good pictures.  Enjoy:)

The two of us (someone else is holding the boy!)

The boy, loving his first hayride!

The boy and his buddy Hannah up in the brand new Case tractor. I couldn't believe how plush it was!

Cousin's husband Bruce takes our picture as our trailer comes around.

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The little guy and I met one of our friends at the zoo again this week.  I know we talk about the zoo a lot, but hey, with our member pass it’s a cheap place to go, and there are TONS of learning opportunities every where you look.

This time, we got to see the member sneak peak of the new Glacier Run exhibit at the Louisville Zoo, and the sea lion show.  After waiting outside for the sea lion show (which lasted a grand total of less than 10 minutes), we were hot despite the nice weather, and headed to the air conditioned animal play room.

When we got in, it didn’t look like ANY animals were in the play room, and the room was empty.  Upon closer examination we saw two orangutans up at the very top.

The boy climbed up on a bench by the window, and the male orangutan instantly climbed down to examine the boy.  It was like we were being watched even more closely than we were watching them.  He was mesmerized by the boy, and vice versa.

We stayed for quite a while just watching them.  The boy pointed to the orangutans fingers and said “fingers,”  And then pointed to his toes and said “toes.”  Interesting for him to see a creature so big, so up close.

After a short time, it got a bit busier in the room, so we stepped aside so others could see this magnificent creature.  We walked over to the side, and what do you know, the female orangutan climbed down a little closer so we could see her too, and she even had a lovie (a comfort blanket) just like the boy.  Once the people left, we walked over to the male again, and he was still mesmerized by the boy.

I told my friend who was with me, who is a die hard University of Kentucky fan, that it was obvious, that the orangutan was a Purdue fan, and just happy to see the boy’s Purdue hat and shirt, instead of all the UK and UofL stuff.

The pictures turned out pretty fun.  Enjoy…

Checking each other out!

It looks like the orangutan is smiling at him in this one.

I think the orangutan is still smiling, as the boy and our friend watch him closely

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