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It’s obvious that the boy’s childhood is flying fast before my eyes.  I just blink and he’s changing and another day is past of his second year.  I can’t believe he’s turning two in just a month.

I think I’ve decided to write 4 special blog posts a year, for each season, with the first being “The Summer He Turned Two.”  This is probably more for my benefit so I don’t forget crucial tidbits over the years, but hopefully you won’t mind reading either.

So here’s what we’ve done the summer he turned two.

We’ve spent countless hours playing tractors and semis on the living room floor.  We’ve heard him ask if the cat “Sophie” can play tractors too!  Just the other day on the video camera I was able to catch him talking about green, John Deere tractors.  He’s a bit partial to the green tractors, but know that he likes the red ones too (just not as much these days).

As he’s preparing to turn two, the heat this summer has been crazy and over 90 most days.  As a result, we’ve played in the sprinklers and visited the pool several times a week.  He loves to play on the steps of the pool, and jump in off the side, not minding if he goes under or his face gets wet.  In our neighborhood pool, he’ll only jump in if he’s standing over one of the signs that says “No Diving.”  He thinks he’s pretty funny.  Last week his big saying was …”Go under?”  Meaning he wanted to sink to the bottom and go under.  Yes we have a fish on our hands.

Our crazy book boy has been read to incessantly, with counts probably near at 30-40 books daily at a minimum.  Some may be the same multiple times, others, we barely get through.  We’ve visited the library AT LEAST once a week, and seen his good friend, and his daddy’s cousin, Miss Holly regularly.  At the library he loves to play with the farm magnets and the felt kitty cat that has different outfits.  He also loves all of the fun puzzles that are situated everywhere.  He really liked the library’s African frog, until he hopped away that is..(He really did!)

Favorite books for the boy have been “The Roar of the Snore,” A box of Nemo books about each character (even though he has never seen the movie), “Raindrop Plop,” and several truck books we’ve read countless times.  We’ve also been reading more about Submarines, Polar Bears, and more trucks from the library.

This summer as he prepares to turn two, we’ve played with Play-Doh (one color at a time, seated in his high chair for limited mess).  We’ve done several finger painting creations, and the boy is always quick to say which person each one is for.

We made birdseed cakes for the birds.  These didn’t turn out quite so well as I had hoped, but fun nontheless.  He even helped mix.  The boy likes to help cook, but sometimes his helping makes things quite a bit messier, and always makes projects take quite a bit longer.  I think this is God’s way of reminding me to slow down.  These days won’t last forever.

He loves the vaccuum cleaner.  I’m figuring out most kids do.  He has an old popper that he pushes around as I am vaccuuming.  He has even helped dust a couple of times.

Like most kids in this day and age, he likes the computer, but the only use he knows it for is to watch videos of Dolphins and of Elephants.  I would say those are his two favorite animals these days.  With his excitement over animals, we’ve also visited our local zoo multiple times, and as noted in a previous post, the Indianapolis Zoo once.

On vacation he got to go to Walt Disney World, and learn all about who Mickey Mouse is.  Before going, he had no clue, and now he asks to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse quite a bit.

He likes to ride the Kawasaki Mule out through the countryside and feel the wind on his face.  Even more so, he loves to dig for wormies (worms).

Above all, we’ve spent great family time this summer as he prepares to turn two.  I know there is much more we’ve been doing, but I’m already forgetting some of it.  See, I should have written this all down already, but these are most of our activities so far this summer, as he gets ready to turn two!

Almost Two!

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This week we got the chance to meet MeMe at the Indianapolis Zoo.  The boy got to see a great Elephant Bathing show, and great dolphin show (that was so great it lulled him into a nice nap towards the end).

Just before the elephant show. I think the boy is pointing to some other kids around the arena.

This was in the petting zoo area. He was trying to get the horses to come over.

It was great to see my mom, the boy’s MeMe, and for her to get to share his excitement for animals in person.

We saw almost the whole zoo, but upon heading home we realized we missed the special Butterfly exhibit.

Not to be disappointed, my neighbor called me the next day to say they were getting ready to release some butterflies that had hatched from their cocoons, and would the boy and I like to come over and share this neat experience.

We jumped at the chance, and this way the boy got to learn a little bit of science too, seeing their empty cocoons as they were released from their netted environment.  It worked out great that he still got to see butterflies!  In the next year or two as he gets older I think it would be a great learning project to do this from start to finish like they did.

Looking into the net confines at the butterflies still to be released.

The boy helping release the butterflies with his neighbor friends (He's the one in the sunhat).

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Just last week my cousin Jennifer posted a blog entry about some crazy clouds that she called undulus-asperatus.

This Tuesday we had some that were very similar and I thought I’d share a picture.  Needless to say, the winds that preceded these clouds as they arrived at our home came very quickly and very fast, and managed to blow off a section of shingles as they came through.  The joys of home ownership:)

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Up until this point, I could put the boy in whatever clothes I wanted without any kind of dispute.

Today however, was different.  I went to put a white t-shirt on him, and he distinctively told me – “No.  I want to wear dino shirt.”  Well the only dino shirt that he has is his pajama top so that was out.  I said how about an orange shirt.  He said okay, but then upon bringing it to him, quickly objected by saying, “No.  I want to wear green shirt.”

At this point I took him to his closet to pick out a green striped shirt, that didn’t match the shorts he had on.  He was now okay with the shirt choice, but upon trying to put different shorts on him he said, “No, Camos.”  Which meant he wanted the camouflage shorts he originally had on but which did not match the new shirt.  Fine.  I figured it wasn’t worth the dispute, but what am I in for if at 23 months this is beginning?

Which bring us to wear we are at the point of my writing this.  I decided last night to make homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  You cook the mixture the night before, chill it overnight, then put it in the electric ice cream maker.  Our concoction finished just minutes ago and we had to test it right?

Let me tell you, the ice cream was amazing.  Especially at 8:15 a.m.   I also HAD to let the boy try some too right?  I mean, c’mon.  It’s going to be 94 degrees today, and every little boy needs ice cream in the morning in the summer time.  Which leads us to chocolate peanut butter ice cream all down the green and white striped shirt.

We’re headed back up to change.  Hopefully back into the orange shirt that matches the camouflage shorts he has on.  Wish me luck.

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On the Go

As our boy prepares to turn 2 years old, certain 2 year old behaviors are beginning to emerge.  One such behavior is the lack of ability to sit still for even 2 seconds.  Literally.  He’s a very active little guy, and we are so blessed that he is.

This activity however, keeps us from being able to capture very many good photos of the crazy boy without his head turned.  Yesterday he was on his rocking horse with a teddy bear however and we were able to capture just a few.  For those of you who didn’t get the e-mail (some didn’t go through), here they are at the end of this post.

We are such proud parents.  I remember hearing parents talk about how brilliant their little ones were, how beautiful, etc.  Now I’m right there with him.  So proud of each of his little accomplishments from learning colors, learning how to count, learning his animals…you get the idea.  And certainly to his daddy and I, he is the most gorgeous little boy anywhere!

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Pink Cows

This spring our little guy learned pretty much all of the animals you can imagine, and his colors without too much difficulty.

That said, we can quickly tell he’s bored of playing the “What color is _______?” game.

Once in a while when he doesn’t want to tell you he’ll run through all the colors you can imagine before landing upon the right one.

Today, on our way back from town, I quickly knew he didn’t want to do colors. He looked over at a field near our home and said “COWS!” To which I responded, and what color are those cows (knowing he normally says black, or black and white)? Today his answer was different and I just had to share. He responded to my question “PINK COWS!”

Okay, so pink isn’t that different from black and white right?

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Back in 2004, I was working for the Kentucky Derby Festival and forged some wonderful friendships.  Many of us who worked there were of similar age.  Work was hard certain times of the year, but with these folks it was awesome fun.  I’ve got many great Festival memories.

When I worked there, I honestly didn’t think I ever wanted to have a child.  Now life has changed and I can’t imagine it any other way.  I still say to my friends – can you believe we’re actually sitting here, with me being a stay at home mom, with a little boy?  Several have said it’s actually easier to believe I’ve got a little one, but that the stay at home part still baffles them.

My how life changes…for the good.  God has a plan for us.  We may not know what it is at any given time, but he is working in ways we may never know.  I think most of us have asked God to speak to us in some way at some time.  Our pastor said something that hit me Sunday:  “Don’t ask God to speak to you, then get frustrated if you’re not reading His Word:  The Bible, daily.  He’s already spoken.” (I may not have gotten it exactly right, but it was something along those lines.)

Last Friday, two of my good Festival friends and I met at the Louisville Zoo.  Here’s a picture.  It shows just how much life really has changed.  One lady now has twins, the other has a little girl similar in age to the boy, and then there is the boy.  In the picture he’s checking out the girls.  (One of which he has asked for by name several times since we met at the zoo).  I’ve tried to find and old picture of the three of us pre kids, but I’m still looking. I know it’s around here somewhere!)

I’m so glad God has taken my life down this road.  No matter how hard some days may be, there’s another amazing one around the corner.  I just have to remember that. And so do you!

3 mommies. 3 little girls. And THE BOY! (his head is turned of course, checking out the girls!)

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Days like this one could go down in the history books of days I hope are few and far between. Warning: This blog entry may make you queasy with angst.

We’ve started trying to officially potty train. Should I stop there? Yesterday, we had a moment of success, as well as this morning. The boy has now decided he doesn’t want to wear diapers and wants to wear “Big Boy Undies.” Remind me why that’s a good thing?

This morning, as mentioned, we had success. He even wore big boy undies to the library with no issues.

When we got home from the library I wanted to run him in and let him try, but my rear tire was spewing air from the nail that I must have run over.

Thank God for the blessing of making it home first! I now have a disabled car with a flat tire sitting in the garage (at least it isn’t the side of the road!)

The good news is about an hour later (after my checking repeatedly), he said – potty, ran into the bathroom with me fast behind him. The bad news – he was in process before we could get on the potty.

The worse news…Less than 10 minutes later he decided to go the messier route. I noticed he was trying and ran him into the bathroom, to no avail. So we had another mess to clean up.

The issue is – he doesn’t like to get cleaned up, and is very mobile. Translation…Even bigger mess.

What was next?  The cat decided to throw up a hair ball along with greenish gold slime.  Not on the tile, not on the basement floor, on the semi-shag carpet.  A decent sized mess.

From there I decided to get lunch ready, and that a nap was close behind.  I put his in the oven, and proceeded to read him a couple of books while it was cooking, and then made myself a quick Benedictine sandwich (recipe below).  I thought he might like to try the Benedictine – tell me why I make these decisions?  The result:  Spewed light green benedictine spread on the floor.

From there I gave up, put him in the chair for lunch, and gave him his plate.  Let me just stop here by saying I now have grapes, taco sauce, and taquitos all over the floor to clean up as soon as this blog entry is complete.

He is now napping soundly.  I think I should too, but several messes call out in need of my urgent attention.

The time:  12:31 p.m.  The day is young.  I’m a bit worried what the rest could hold for me.

Benedictine Spread

8 ounces cream cheese, 3 tablespoons cucumber juice, 1 tablespoon onion juice, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 drops green food coloring.

Mix well together, spread on wheat bread for sandwiches.  You can even put more cucumber slices on top if you like.  It’s a much loved Louisville favorite.  (To get the cucumber juice you peel and grate the cucumber and squeeze the juice out.  Discard the pulp, all you need is 3 tablespoons of the juice).

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