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Growing So Fast

Before we had a child one of the things we heard most was – “You won’t believe how fast they will grow up!”

Now I believe it.  Our boy is 21 months old today, and it seems like he was born just yesterday.  We’re nearing two years old and time is flying fast.

My mom has a picture of my brother Derrick in her room. This face looks just like him.

Just this week he was out playing outside.  I glanced, grabbed my camera, and thought to myself – how can this be our little guy.

Woohoo! Weeeee... Now if I could just figure out how to pedal...

We’ve had a rough couple of weeks with severe allergies and a new, more independent attitude.  He is becoming just a bit more challenging all of the time, renewing my belief that staying home full time with him is the toughest job I’ve ever done and not every day is perfect.

Today though he has been his sweet self for the most part with just a few almost two year old tantrums added in.  Where has the time gone!

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I was brought up that you rarely go anywhere empty handed.

So when we were preparing to visit two of our friends in the hospital I decided I would quickly bake up a batch of cookies to take with us for them.

This is what I got instead of beautiful, perfect, presentable cookies:

My flat, lifeless, unpresentable cookies

Never mind the fact that my husband thinks they taste better than any I’ve ever made before.  Bless His Heart.

In the meantime I’ve added more flour and I think they are going to be just fine.  Maybe.  Not sure if they’ll still be making the trip to the hospital today… I guess my dear husband will reap the benefits (if he was telling the truth about them being good)…

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The boy has learned the word Awesome today.  His usage of the word has included, when mommy got out the playdoh — Awesome! And when mommy threw the frisbee — Awesome!

I think my usage is to describe just how great my days and opportunity to be home with him each day is — Awesome!

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Growing up in the country when it got warm outside we used to swim in a makeshift pool devised by my parents from an old cattle waterer (It worked pretty well).  We also played in the sprinkler!

Last night, the temperatures were over 80 and some neighbor kids were playing in their sprinkler system.  This momma hasn’t called to get the irrigation system opened yet, and since the pool isn’t open yet, the boy and his daddy played in the water from the hose sprayer!   He also drank water from the  hose!

We both have so much fun playing with this very active little guy.  We try hard not to let any moments slip away, although I’m sure there are so many we’ve not documented like we should have.

Here are some more pictures from last night.  The lawn probably grew a little faster, and while some environmental enthusiasts may claim we wasted water – The smile on his face makes me believe that this is was a pretty good use of water on a hot spring evening!

Have a great day, and remember that every moment is so very precious!

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A few weeks ago when my washing machine went out, I really didn’t think much about when a load ended, or necessarily rush to go switch the laundry over, or fold what was in the dryer.  Call me crazy, but I stay pretty busy not immediately running to the laundry room.

That all changed the day the new washer and dryer arrived.  Both now play this horribly annoying song (which I need to investigate how to turn off), which reminds me of a happy cell phone jingle.  Only each time it goes off I feel like it says – “Get your lazy self in here and finish the laundry.”  Sometimes I think it is even harsher “Get your butt in here and get to work.”

It’s become a bit of a joke within our house.  My husband who knows my thoughts about the song, hears it and jokingly says, “Don’t you think you need to get in there?”

Of course, I fall prey to its evil tune each time.  And as I finish this blog post about the laundry song, I hear the ringing in the room next to me as I finish typing, get up, and head to finish the laundry.

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With having a toddler who is talking up a storm I am beginning a new blog feature – The Saying of The Day.  Today’s saying is:


I think we can all find plenty of uses for this saying, but the boy’s usage involved hanging off the front of the washing machine, begging to turn the knob screaming  “I NEED IT!”

My usage preference – a new swimming suit — “I NEED IT!”

Feel free to develop your own usage of this saying today!

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Wow! He even got to touch one of the planes!

The boy really likes planes so we decided to head to the Kentucky Derby Festival Thunder Over Louisville Preview Party so he could see some planes and helicopters close up.  It was also a great chance for me to get a chance to visit with some of my good Festival friends during a busy time for them!

Thunder Over Louisville is next Saturday so the Festival folks are gearing up!  If you’ve never been it is something to see at least once.  We love the air show best of all, but the biggest annual fireworks display in the U.S. is pretty good too!

Daddy, Boy and Ronald at Thunder Preview Party

The boy even got to see Ronald McDonald close up (Remember in a previous post I noted how before I had a child I said my child would never eat at McDonald’s – My kid now has a definite love for the golden arches).  He didn’t want Ronald to hold him but he admired him close up:)

The crowd was great despite the chilly temperatures.

Here are some more pictures from the evening:)  He liked the planes for sure, but I think he had trouble figuring out why they were on the ground and not in the sky!

Daddy, the plane needs to be up there!

Mommy and boy by the helicopter

We opted not to ride in the mini C130, but the miniature plane was pretty cool

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As promised I am posting a few of our pictures from Easter Egg Coloring last week.  The boy truly liked coloring his hands more than the eggs, and a few times (as you can see from one of the pictures), liked tasting the egg coloring mixture.  It’s a good thing these things are non-toxic!  Between eating bubbles and easter egg color I can’t figure out my kid’s taste buds!

Our good friends had invited us over, and they were so smart as they had done this with small ones before.  The newspapers thick on top of the table was a brilliant idea!

Here’s a small gallery.  Enjoy!

Egg Coloring Family

Coloring eggs...or is it his hand?

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Last night for dinner (and then again tonight for leftovers) we had Italian Beef Sandwiches.  Delicious as always, yesterday I created my own recipe combined from three or four others to try something different.  It turned out great, and even better than before when I used a recipe.  While I’m neither Italian, or a huge fan of beef, I don’t think I did too bad.

2-3 pounds Chuck Roast (depending on how many you want to feed – a 2lb roast will feed two adults for several meals)

1 can beef broth

2 teaspoons beef bouillon granules

1 cup water

3-4 teaspoons italian seasoning

1-2 teaspoons peppers sauce

1 tablespoon minced garlic

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Combine everything in a crockpot.  Cook for 7 hours, or until able to shred with fork.  Shred.  Put the shredded meat back in the crockpot for 1 hour.

We eat ours on hoagie buns with sliced mozzarella (this time I asked the deli for mozzarella but they gave me monterey jack – it still tasted good.  Provolone is good on it too).


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I think this one was when they were looking at the Rhinos

We should have known when traffic backed us up about 2 miles from the zoo that today was going to be a crazy busy day at the Louisville Zoo.  Note to self:   Remember when Jefferson County Public Schools, or any major local school corporation is on spring break next year.

I guess the advice should go for any pretty day we decide to visit the zoo.  That said, the kids had a great time, and we all left happy, and without sunburn, even if I did coat us both in SPF50 and make the boy wear a goofy sun hat:)

Looking super cute in his goofy sunhat, but looking concerned at the vast number of people.

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