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I’ve used this saying before, and think it is awesome!  When the boy was an infant I would just hold him, and say to myself, I’m taking pictures with my heart.  While the memories sometimes fade faster than I thought they would, I am so blessed with so many pictures of love in our home in my heart and on photo paper.

This week, the boy and I were playing in his play area in the basement.  We have a tricycle and another little ride along toy down there along with the plethora of other toys that abound.  His newest thing is “sit, sit” which means sit at the little table with him, or on the couch with him, or in this case – you ride the tricycle mommy or daddy, and I’ll ride the ride along toy.

If only there were a real camera.  I rode along side him on the tricycle while he road the ride along toy.  I looked over and my heart was so filled with an amazing love for this child.

No longer an infant, very much a toddler, after riding along, I was watching him from a short distance as he played with his plastic cows on his train table.  My mind can still not fathom how amazing his little mind is, and how God creates a child, and forms their thoughts and actions.

Not too long ago this child couldn’t communicate verbally.  Now he’s communicating plenty!  Each day I love hearing his new words, and enjoy my surprise at hearing words I didn’t think he knew!

Milp has been his big word for weeks, meaning milk in the boy’s dictionary, but our latest words for the week:  Sophie! Happy! Amen!

So each day, I’ll still try to catch him with the real camera although it is harder the more active and mobile he is, and more than ever I’m continuing to take pictures of him and of our family, with my heart.

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Well I guess I should say never say never…

Which leads me to this blog post.  Before I had a child there were several things I said my child would NEVER do if I had a child.  So here I am to eat my words on several.

1.)  My child would never sing Ring around the Rosie.  Based on the rumored origin of this song and its connection the plague, I just didn’t think it a very positive song for a kid to sing.  This is now the first song my child learned to sing.  He loves to sing “Ashes, Ashes” all day long…

2.)  My child would never eat regularly at McDonald’s.  Now we don’t eat out frequently, but our son loves McDonald’s.  I honestly can’t deprive him of chicken McNuggets and french fries.

3.)  I would never give my small child a cookie regularly due to the sugar.  Okay, I may have sounded a bit paranoid, but the boy gets a cookie after lunch or dinner if he eats really well.

4.)  I would never be in a store with a screaming child, who is running around like a maniac.  I now know that mothers and fathers cannot control when a child melts down and your location at the given time, for example in a clothing store, with clothes in arms, ready to check out, when they go crazy.

Don’t worry, there are others, but these are the ones closest to the front of my mind this morning.  I guess the saying is true… “I was a great parent before I had kids.”

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This morning, the boy was playing in my closet and found an old box from a pair of boots.  He instantly wanted to play in it, and we decided the box would become his very own snowboard, in honor of Shaun White’s half-pipe win at the Vancouver Olympics.  From what I read his is an unknown board brand, but he also has his own line through Burton, thus the Burton logo.  So with the boy’s imagination, he now has his very own cardboard snowboard.

The pretend snowboard and the box it was made from

The pacifier really makes him look tough doesn't it!

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I am discovering potatoes, yes-potatoes, in just about every room of the house.  The boy discovered he could open the pantry door several weeks ago, and given his affinity for potatoes, they are now strewn throughout the house.

This morning I found one in the basement.  Just now there was one on my master bathroom floor by my vanity.

It is so strange what kids gravitate towards.  This morning he helped me peel potatoes for beef stew (his with his little spoon, while dipping it in flour and trying to lick it off – I figured it couldn’t hurt him and he was happy) and yet I don’t know that he attributes the potato to being a food source, merely another non-toy.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, while some moms have to pick up toys in every room of the house, I merely have potatoes to put back in the pantry.

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One Handsome Boy!

Just had to share a picture I took of the boy this week.  It says it all:  Pure mischief and sweet baby all in one!

Our sweet, sweet boy!

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He doesn’t need toys…

These days the boy can’t seem to concentrate, or play with any one thing for more than 15 seconds.  Unless that is, it isn’t a toy.

He can play with cell phones for hours on end, he loves compact disks, calculators, and remote controls.

And he loves containers, just last night he pulled a stock pot out of the pantry and managed to sit in it.  The night before, it was his block container.

So I’ve decided, he no longer needs toys (just kidding of course), but I’m finding non-toys get maximum attention span!

Just push him around in a container or laundry basket and he's happy!

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I am so excited that the Winter Olympics begin today!  It is always so interesting to hear the stories behind the athletes, and to admire their athleticism.

This morning, the boy became infatuated with a box of Berry Blue Jello that he found in the cabinet that he shouldn’t have been in to begin with.  While I’ve never made Knox Blocks, I remembered them fondly from my own childhood, and thus the search for the recipe began.

All of the recipes online seemed to call for 3 boxes of Jello, and I only had one box of the Berry Blue.  Thus we modified to enable usage of the ingredients on hand:

Small Batch of Knox Blocks

1 Box Jello any flavor

1 and 1/3 package Knox gelatin

1 and 1/3 cup boiling water

Pour all the ingredients in a bowl, stir well and allow for the gelatin and Jello to dissolve.  Pour into an 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 pan (I greased mine with Pam first).  Then put into fridge to cool before cutting them out with a cookie cutter or knife.

Our Berry Blue Snowflake Winter Olympic Knox Blocks

In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics we made ours snowflakes so that they could become Winter Olympics Knox Blocks.  The Berry Blue color was beautiful and lent itself well to this!

The boy has discovered he LOVES Berry Blue Knox Blocks!  He even turned my head as I was cutting them out, said “Kiss” and planted a great big baby kiss right on my face.  My heart is still warm from the amazing love for this child.

I will say, they look a lot like flowers but I assure you it was a snowflake cookie cutter:)

Here’s to a great 2 weeks of the 2010 Winter Olympics!

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An ode to the song “SNOW” from the Movie White Christmas.

I feel like lately all I’ve done is post snow pictures.  I guess that’s because I kind of like the white stuff.  Growing up, and even now we always played in the snow.

My parents encouraged a love for winter sports like ice skating, skiing, and of course building snow men.  I didn’t get my father’s gift for making very large snowmen however.  I tried, but mine only topped a few feet this time.  That said, I guess some of the love for winter sports did rub off, and I am SO ready for the Olympics to begin this Friday night.

We finally got a significant snow fall here and I have loved looking out and seeing it.  I think we ended up with close to seven inches this week on top of a small amount from last weekend.

I encourage you to get out and foster a love for winter with your kids and your family, even if it is only a few minutes in the arctic or on an ice skating rink (I think I was around 3 when we really started going ice skating, just a little bit older when we started skiing).  It will have long lasting effects (not too mention some frostbite) and memories.

My Two Very Handsome Snowmen

An excerpt from “SNOW” by Bing Crosby, from the movie White Christmas

It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow
I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow
Oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow

Where it’s snowing
All winter through
That’s where I want to be
Snowball throwing
That’s what I’ll do
How I’m longing to ski
Through the snow-oh-oh-oh-oh

An excerpt from “SNOW” by Bing Crosby, from the movie White Christmas

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This Day

Feeling a bit poetic this morning…

Sweet baby boy, Energetic boy growing way too fast!

Stuffed Cat on the Kitchen Floor…

Real Cat being Chased Through the House.

Running, Jumping, monkey boy at Open gym

Blood in mouth from busted lip on rock climbing slant

Sleeping beautiful handsome boy in the back seat headed home.

Quiet house, updated budget chart

Lunch in silence as the boy sleeps well

Folding clothes frantic to be complete before the dragon awakes.

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Lately we’ve had a few small snows which have come our way, but the big storms always seem to miss us to the north or to the south.

I love the winter weather, especially now that I’m home full time, but my husband cringes at the thought of snow.

"I love to play in the snow with my daddy"

Nonetheless, the little bit of snow on the ground today enabled the boy and his daddy the opportunity to go out and play in the snow a little bit.  The boy did great, even let us put his gloves on, and cried when we made him come inside to get warm when his gloves got wet and fell off!

The forecast is calling for another snow early next week.  Here’s keeping my fingers crossed!

"I may not be able to see you, but I'm warm!"

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