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I have become THAT Mom.  You know the one.

The mom that at open gym chases her crazy 18 month old all over the gym, while the other, more fashionable mommas stand around and actually get a chance to visit with some other people their age while their children play in one general location.

I’ve become the mom who restrains her son as he tries to run around the circle at the library or gym and tries to escape, while all the other children sit patiently.

Other moms ask – how old is he?  I reply 18 months.  They reply, “You have a monkey on your hands” as I think to myself …”ya think?”

I’m the mom whose son throws himself down screaming on the floor at the clothing store, bank, doctor’s office (insert location here) – when I restrain him yet again and explain we can’t run around like a crazy man.

I’m the mom whose son starts to wipe immediately at the fun doggy stamp on his hand and yells “MESS, MESS”, while other kids get excited.

My heart used to go out to those moms as they looked frantic and disheveled.  Now I am one.

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Good Days…

I think God knew I had hit my limit last week.  My prayers of a better week have truly been met thus far with a fantastic start to this one.

Today he was my sweet baby boy again, not the crazy climber king!  He let me snuggle him, he fell asleep on my shoulder this afternoon, and I just held my 18 month old boy in my arms while he slept calmly.

Cooking dinner with Mom

After he awoke it was time to begin dinner and he joined in with his own bowl and whisk.

When it was time to peel potatoes, I pulled a chair up next to mine, and gave him a spoon and his own potato to pretend to peel.  We sang a fun potato peeling song we made up and for the whole time I was peeling so was he.  It was so funny!

We went to swimming lessons, read books, played cars and enjoyed the day.

God knew I needed some good days to cancel out those from last week.

Reading with his Dad

Earlier this week, the boy curled up with his daddy to read some books.  I had to snap a picture.  I always say to myself “I’m taking a picture with my heart” but it amazes me how quickly even those in my heart can fade as the days go by!

He is really beginning to repeat things, and really has some animal sounds down pat.  Tonight he “Meowed” all the way to church.

Good memories help to give something to look forward to on those challenging days.  And when those days seem like they’ll never end, the good ones are the ones you wish would never end!

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The weekend has been full of trains and automobiles for us, with the occasional plane flying overhead.

Last night, we had the fun opportunity to visit one of our sets of neighbors a few doors down who has a passion for model trains, and has quite the train set up taking up half of his basement.  The boy and his daddy, and myself too really had fun admiring this gorgeous landscape for a model train, and listening to our neighbors talk about it with such excitement and hospitality.

I’m still kicking myself for forgetting my camera last night.  If you read often you know I love to post pictures.  The trains even generated smoke as it went around the pretend town

Today, the weather has been great, and we spent several hours outside, and the boy took a ride in his toy car around the cul-de-sac.

Which brings us to planes, flying frequently overhead towards the nearby county airport.  The boy likes to sound like the little guy from Fantasy Island – de plane, de plane.

What a great weekend day, let’s hope it continues as the Boilermakers prepare to take on Northwestern.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, or your day, whichever is appropriate as you read this!

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It’s strange.  When I thought about motherhood in the weeks before the boy’s birth almost 18 months ago now, I always pictured this small child, asleep in his crib, or smiling up at me as I came to get him, or feed him.

Chef Boy!

Now, I glance at the video monitor as he cries out in his sleep and I see this humongous toddler searching for his pacifier, and then stretching out so long and lean.

Our boy is very energetic, and each day the Lord is teaching me more patience, something I’ve never had an abundance of when it comes to almost anything.  I’m so blessed he is so active, and yet, find myself pulling my hair out, when he almost hits his head on the corner of the coffee table, almost falls out of the recliner because he is standing up.

Yesterday I was close to screaming if he opened up another cabinet door (which is difficult for him to do, since they are all bungee corded shut – but he has learned how to remove the bungee cords), and if he pulled another chair out from the kitchen table and climbed up on top of the table.

Yes, my days are filled with a different kind of stress.  But just when I think I’m about to pull my hair out (if he doesn’t do it for me in the meantime), he does something completely adorable like says the word “MayDay” clear as day when I get out his Mayday the flying dragonfly book, or wears his chef hat and apron around the house for almost a full hour before deciding he’s done with that, or brings me his Purdue Pete book, where he helps Pete find his hammer.  Or when he actually tries to swim in the bathtub, or blows bubbles in he water for the first time.

So I think the Lord is telling me, “Patience my dear, to get the rewards, there are challenges sometimes.”  While I honestly should know this already, each day is a new illustration of this for me.

We all should realize that to truly appreciate even small rewards, sometimes there are challenges, but the Lord is looking out for us, and never gives us more than we can handle.

UPDATE:  Okay, as I prepared to post this blog entry, the boy has learned how to climb out of his baby bed.  I heard a thump and then a cry, and then I watched him do it again.  Please post me suggestions on what I do now!  Do we switch him to the toddler bed already?  Help!!

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A Bit Chilly

Rosy Cheeks and A Great Big Smile

This picture is from yesterday after we played outside in the afternoon and came in to warm up and have a snack.

It’s looking too cool for the little guy to be out today, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fun inside.  So far we’ve already read several books, played with motorcycles, and trains.

We’re so blessed to be inside a warm home as the temperatures drop and the wind picks up.

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Snow Day!

The boy plays in the snow with some of the bigger guys on the street.

From Swimming yesterday, to the Snow today!  What fun we’re having (in between tantrums about putting on swimming trunks and snow pants).

We looked out a short time ago to see some of the neighbor kids out, and rushed to put on our snow gear.

As soon as they saw the boy out they came over for a visit and to play basketball.  I shoveled them a small area so they could play, and they played basketball for about 20 minutes in the falling snow.

The boy with his friend in the falling snow.

I thought about shoveling the driveway some more and then quickly decided against it as I got about half way through and the snow was already covering it up again.

It is always so much fun to see the neighbor kids out and about in their snow gear with their sleds.  Our street has a bit of a slant to it and it often becomes a sledding hill with a bit of snow.

I don’t know how much more we’ll get today, but at least we got to go play in the snow!

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I'm so excited to be in the pool! I just don't like to have to listen to the teacher.

Just had to share pics of the boy at his first Parent-Tot swim class at SIGS.

He’s pretty happy to be in the water as you can tell, he just didn’t want to have to blow in the water, or kiss the water, as he would rather drink the water.

He’s smiling much larger than the poor little boy in the background.  (the other little boy was smiling by the end too)

It was like restraining a monkey, to keep

"Cmon mom. I need to get in the water. I'm going without you!"

him out of the pool until it was our turn to be in the water for our class (see picture #2).

He’s the youngest of the four who were there today by a couple of months but I think he’ll really take to it.  He liked to kick and splash.

Come this summer my hope is that he’ll be ready for afternoons or late mornings at the pool:)

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I thrive on routine.  That isn’t much of a surprise to anyone that knows me.  I like when things go smoothly, and am a little intense when they don’t.  When I was working out of the home full time I was the spreadsheet queen.  Everything for my clients was scheduled and in line as much as possible.

So upon staying at home, while I’m not quite as neurotic about spreadsheets with the exception of my budget and expenses sheet, we also have a pretty usual routine each day and several days of the week.

They boy naps within an hour of the same times each day.  We eat at the same normal times, brush our teeth at the same normal time etc.  For us routine is a good thing most days (once in a while not ideal) but I digress.

One of our major set routines is to go to the same grocery store at the same time on the same day each week.  After a few rough trips to the grocery with the boy when I first began to stay at home, the Lord sent us a very kind checkout lady.  We’ve been going down her aisle the same day, the same time each week for months now.  With the exception of a few weeks around the holidays when she worked a 20 item or less aisle we see her each week, and she loves the boy, and the feeling is completely mutual.  What a blessing to have him happy and cooperative in the checkout aisle.

Not only do we see her each week, but we also see the same Pepsi delivery girl.  The boy loves her too.  We see her each week usually, and the boy and she smile and the boy flirts with her.  Yes it has begun.

We also have begun to see the same grandparent like people each week.  It’s kind of nice to see the same friendly faces at the same store in a city of many thousands of people.

It is so hard to believe that in a metro area with over a million people, God has placed the same people in our path each week, each month.  What a blessing these people are to us and we love the opportunity to see them.  We may not know them well, but they are our neighbors.

It goes back to Luke 10:27, the beginning of the parable of the Good Samaritan, to paraphrase, the man asked the Lord what he must do to receive eternal life.  Jesus replied by asking him what the Law of Moses said and how he read it.  Luke 10:27 says the man answered by saying “You  must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

What an amazing sentence, and while sometimes when we get cut off in traffic, or a lady in the store isn’t friendly, or people look down instead of returning a smile, or a TSA agent singles you out for a search, it may get irritating, we are called to love these people.  Our neighbors.  Whether they live next door, or in the same city, or on the same earth.  No matter what their station in life, what they do for a living, or how they live.

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A few weeks back, I was at a baby shower for a friend who is having twins soon.  As part of her gift, I had given her some items as gifts that I think our truly good baby items to have.

So while I’m not Oprah, I still thought I’d pass several things on to you that I think are great baby things to have and make life a bit easier with a little one.

1.)  The Video Monitor by Summer.  This was a fabulous gift from my husband’s parents.  Our son is now 17 months hold and we still use this day and night.  We have the hand held version so we can take it anywhere in the house.  It is helpful to see if he’s crying in his crib and can tell he has lost his pacifier, or got his leg stuck through the rungs, and needs help, or if he’s sleeping soundly.  Not to mention this thing is super durable, as it still works after being dropped on concrete several times.  It is also quite entertaining, as he has recently figured out where the camera is and will look directly into it.

2.)  The Boon Snack Ball.  You can get these at Target stores and they keep his snacks safe and sound in the diaper bag.  It keeps GoldFish snacks from getting crunched up and forming nasty GoldFish dust in the bottom of the bag, or falling out everywhere.

3.)  Vinyl Pocket Bibs.  My mom got us our first one, and now I get his at WalMart for $5.  We have several, and they keep things much neater, and they wipe off after each meal.

4.) The Fisher Price Waterfall Soother.  Worth every penny.  A wonderful neighbor gave this to us as a baby gift, and it is still in his crib at over 17 months.  We even keep one at my mom’s house for when we visit.  When he wakes up in the morning, he turns it on himself, and entertains himself for a while as he wakes up, and then I go to get him.  If he ever wakes up in the middle of the night (which is rare) we sometimes here him turn it on to soothe himself back to sleep.

5.) Books. You can never give someone who is having a new baby too many gifts.  For this particular shower which I attended, they asked that everyone bring a new children’s book in lieu of a card, with a note written on the book for who it was from.  I thought this was a fabulous idea, and it started their library, and as they read they can also read who it was from and remember that person.  We read a TON of books every single day.

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